Good news for those who travel short distances in Hyderabad- RTC has introduced route pass for the first time

Good news for those who travel short distances in Hyderabad- RTC has introduced route pass for the first time

Greater Hyderabad‌ TS‌RTC has given another good news to the passengers. For the first time General Route‌ Pass facility will be introduced. This facility will come into effect from 27th. 

TSRTC is going to provide special concessions to passengers with T-24, T-6, F-24 tickets on this route pass. This route pass is for short distance travelers. designed. It has been designed to be applicable for commuting within 8 km. 

This route‌ Pass‌ It should also be taken for a month. City Ordinary Route‌ Bus‌ 600 rupees will be charged for the pass. Metro Exp‌Press‌ root‌ Pass‌ One has to pay one thousand rupees to take it. Apart from these, an additional fifty rupees has to be paid for the ID card. 

This route‌ The pass will first be introduced on 162 routes in Hyderabad. This route pass can be taken any number of times within the 8 km radius. You can travel on this pass even on holidays. 

#TSRTC launched. The company providing special concessions to passengers with T-24, T-6 and F-24 tickets has designed this route pass for those traveling short distances. within 8 kilometers…

— VC Sajjanar – MD TSRTC (@tsrtcmdoffice) May 25, 2023

General Bus Pass for passengers in Hyderabad‌ is available. 1150 rupees for ordinary bus pass and 1300 rupees for metro express bus pass. This pass‌ Those who take it can travel from anywhere to anywhere in all the buses plying within the city suburban area. Buying. That’s why short‌ Distance‌ Root for them. The pass was brought by TS‌RTC. All those traveling short distances are reaching their destinations through alternative routes other than RTC. That’s why to attract them root‌ RTC brings pass facility. 

General Bus‌ Most of the students are buying the passes. RTC brought this route pass as a part of its efforts to bring common passengers also. For the first time this pass‌ Discount is also given to those who have taken it. City Ordinary Route Bus Pass reduced by Rs 200 600, Metro Express Route Pass is being given for 1000. 

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Employing pollution-free electric AC buses to motorists made available.

— VC Sajjanar – MD TSRTC (@tsrtcmdoffice) May 16, 2023

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