GHMC is another important alert for the residents of the twin cities

GHMC is another important alert for the residents of the twin cities

The GH‌MC has decided to go door to door to collect the demolition and construction waste. Construction Baldia has taken this decision in the context of dumping the wastage wherever it falls. From now on, strict action will be taken if waste is dumped without permission.

Under GHMC  Daily  2000 metric tons of waste  Estimated to be generated! GH‌MC is collecting waste day by day as a daily target. Difficulties for people  Without it, 4 recycling plants have been set up on all sides of the city. 2000 metric tons of construction waste generated thereby is being recycled from time to time without storage. Toll free number of agencies assigned to circle  If you call, they will come to your home and remove the waste. For that user charges have to be paid.  Alternatively, there is also the option of transporting the waste to the plant itself by the generators. However, user charges have to be paid less.

Two small vehicles of 2 to 6 ton capacity and big vehicles of 16 to 25 ton capacity have been arranged for each circle. Fatullaguda in the city,  Recycling plants with a capacity of 500 tonnes per day have been set up in Jeedimetar and new plants have been set up in Shamshabad and Tumukunta. >Stronger Actions

Construction and debris C&D wastes are being dumped on the roads and drains are getting clogged. Falling into drainages. Footpaths are closing. Laying in open places is causing inconvenience to people. That is why GHMC has taken appropriate measures to prevent construction waste from being dumped anywhere. Circle wise C&D contractors are allotted. > Details:

Yusuf Guda, Serilingampally, Chanda Nagar, RC Puram & Patan‌ Toll free number 1800 120 1159 for Cheruvu, Musapeta, Kukatpally, Kuthbullapur, Gajularamaram circles. User charges Rs.398.50 per metric ton. In case of self transport to recycling plant, user charges will be Rs. 99.62 to be paid.

Fathullaguda  C&D Recycling Plant  Area Details:

Uppal, Hayat Nagar, LB Nagar, Sarur Nagar, Malak Pate, Santosh Nagar , amber pate for 7 circles. The toll free number is 1800 120 1159. User charges:- Rs.388.75 per metric ton. 97.20 per ton if the self-generated person moves to the plant.

Shatamrai Shamshabad C&D Collection Area Details:

Chandrayanagutta, Charminar, Falak Numa, Rajendranagar, Mehidipatnam, Karwan, Goshamahal, Jubilee Hills toll free number 1800 203 0033. User charges Rs.405 per metric ton. 101.25 per metric ton if transported to the plant by the self-collector.   C&D Collection Area Details:

Capra, Mushirabad, Khairatabad, Alwal, Malkazgiri, Secunderabad, Begumpet. Toll free number 1800 203 0033. User charges Rs.435 per metric ton. 108.75 per ton if transported to the plant itself.

Citizens should cooperate

The GH‌MC appealed to the people who are working for environmental protection and clean Hyderabad to fully cooperate. She asked that construction waste should not be thrown wherever it falls and not cause any trouble to the city dwellers. GHMC has warned that legal action will be taken if the rules are violated.

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