Extension of second installment of Dalit Bandhu, JIO 58, 59 to 1.3 lakh families – to be decided in cabinet meeting

Extension of second installment of Dalit Bandhu, JIO 58, 59 to 1.3 lakh families – to be decided in cabinet meeting

Distribution of second installment of Dalit Bandhu and Podu lands to 1.3 lakh families
The state cabinet meeting continued for a long time at Pragati Bhavan on Thursday under the chairmanship of Chief Minister K. Chandrasekhar Rao. On this occasion, the Cabinet discussed many issues and took decisions.  The decisions of the cabinet were explained in the media conference by the Minister of State Finance and Medical Health T. Harish Rao. Parliamentary Affairs, R&B Minister Vemula Prashanth Reddy, Excise and Tourism Minister V. Srinivas Goud, Civil Supplies, BC Welfare Minister Gangula Kamalakar, Labor Minister Chamkura Mallareddy, MLC Shambhipur Raju, Civil Supplies Corporation Chairman Ravinder Singh and others participated in this media conference. .
State Cabinet Resolutions – Minister T. Harish Rao Media Conference – Highlights :
– Second installment of Dalit Bandhu distribution to 1,30,000 families :
–  Chief Minister KCR has directed the concerned officials to immediately start the second phase of Dalitbandhu distribution program for 1,30,000 families under the second phase. Dalit Bandhu scheme was started. On this occasion, the Cabinet has decided to celebrate Dalit Bandhu celebrations every year on 16th August.
–  100 percent Dalit Bandhu scheme has been implemented in Hujurabad Constituency. 
–  In the remaining 118 constituencies, 1100 people in each constituency in this phase. It was decided to provide Dalit Bandhu. Dalit Bandhu will be implemented for a total of 1,29,800 families this phase. The responsibility of selection of another 200 beneficiaries has been entrusted to the Chief Secretary to the Government. A total of 1,30,000 families will be provided Dalit Bandhu. As in the past, the District Collectors will select the beneficiaries.

Grant under Grihalakshmi Scheme to build houses for those who have their own land:
–  Government has launched the “Grihalakshmi Scheme” The name has been decided as.
–  It has been decided to grant houses to 4 lakh people under the Grihalakshmi scheme. ;Apart from this, 43 thousand houses have been put in the state quota. 
–  It has been decided to undertake the construction of 4 lakh houses
–  Government will provide 3 lakh rupees as a grant for each house. The government will deposit 3 lakh rupees as grant in their respective accounts in three installments of 1 lakh rupees each.
–   12 thousand crores of rupees have been allocated in the budget for this scheme.
–  The sanctioned houses are given in the name of the woman.
–  KCR has given loans of 4 thousand crores of rupees given by the previous governments to build houses for the poor people through the Housing Corporation. The government is waiving.

Second phase  Sheep distribution:
–  The first phase of sheep distribution process has been completed. 7,31,000 beneficiaries have been identified in the entire state. The distribution of 50 percent of this has already been completed.
–   Chief Minister KCR has decided to take up the process of distribution of the remaining 50 percent of sheep immediately. The cabinet has decided to allocate 4,463 crore rupees for this. 
–  CM KCR ordered that this distribution process should be started in the month of April and completed in the month of August. Under the direction of District Collectors,  orders have been given to conduct this process transparently and speedily.

Distribution of fallow lands:
–  4,00,903 acres in the state to 1,55,393 wild children. The Cabinet has decided to distribute waste land titles. All the processes are completed and these tracks are ready for distribution.
–  Cabinet has decided to start this distribution immediately. 
–  The process of distribution of waste lands will continue.

April 14 Ambedkar Statue Unveiled :
–  Builder of Indian Constitution, Giver of social justice spirit,  Ratna of India Dr. B.R. The Cabinet has decided to inaugurate the 125 feet statue of Ambedkar on his birthday, April 14. 
–  Inviting lakhs of Dalit children from all over the state to Hyderabad and unveiling it in their presence, a huge public meeting will be held on this occasion.

Extension of Jivo 58, 59 :
–  In relation to Jivo 58, 59, the cabinet has taken a decision to extend the application period by one month as a last chance as per the appeal of remaining beneficiaries. 
–  So far through Jivo 58 1,45,668 people have been given care. 
–   42,000 people have been benefited by Jivo 59. In the background of the cabinet’s decision to extend the cutoff date from 2014 to 2020, the others will be provided an opportunity to build houses through GEO 58 and 59.  Telangana state government is making the tracks very transparent and providing them.

Construction of accommodation in Kashi and Sabarimala shrines :
–  Every person who follows Sanatanadharma wants to visit Kashi shrine. 
– &nbsp Hindus believe that if you die in Kashi, you will attain good deeds. In view of the large number of devotees going to Kashi Yatra from Telangana state, the Cabinet decided to construct a dormitory there for their convenience. This construction will be done in 60 thousand square feet. For this Rs. The Cabinet has decided to sanction 25 crores. 
–  For the related measures, it has been decided that a group of Ministers under the Chief Secretary will visit Kashi to select a place. Decided to build a house. 25 crores has been sanctioned for this.   CMO OSD Priyanka Varghese has been entrusted with these responsibilities. Subsequently, the Cabinet decided that a team of ministers should go and start work there. Earlier, CM KCR discussed this matter with Kerala CM. 

Dr. BR Ambedkar Telangana State Secretariat, Martyrs Stupa will be inaugurated soon after completion of works.  Cabinet has made it clear that construction and distribution of houses under the  double bedroom house scheme will continue in addition to the Grilahakshmi scheme for construction of houses for those who have their own land.


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