Etala Vs Kousik Reddy: BRS who changed the opponent to the spears – the old enemy is new in the ring! Do you work out?

Etala Vs Kousik Reddy: BRS who changed the opponent to the spears – the old enemy is new in the ring!  Do you work out?

Etala Vs Kousik Reddy : KCR’s efforts to defeat Etala Rajender somehow failed in the by-elections. But BRS aims to defeat Eta in the next assembly elections. This time KTR took the responsibility. KTR, who toured the Huzurabad constituency, indirectly announced Padi Kaushik Reddy as the candidate.  It is advised to remain in public for the next 8 months. Srinivas won on spears in bipol‌ Yadav contested. KTR announced the name of Kaushik Reddy in his presence. With this, it seems that Kaushik Reddy will hit the spears in the next election. Minister KTR said that the people of Huzurabad will surely bless Kaushik Reddy who has proved his strength with the open meeting.  

KCR vows to defeat Etala Rajender  
Hujurabad constituency in Karimnagar district is a stronghold of  BRS‌. Elections, by-elections, the voters of BRS‌K Pattam‌ built However, Etala Rajender, who remained in BRS, turned the constituency into Kanchukota. After he joined the BJP and contested on behalf of that party, the BRS stronghold became the stronghold of Casta Etala Rajender.  He won as an MLA and directly challenged the Chief Minister‌ Throwing With this, they aim to defeat Eta in the next assembly elections under any circumstances. It seems that the candidate has been announced as a part of it. 

Until now there are fights in the constituency! 

There are fights in the constituency in Huzurabad. All the three groups started competing for the BRS ticket. In the by-elections, the BC card performed well in a way that no one expected and brought Srinivas into the ring. Kaushik Reddy, who is the main competitor of Etela Rajender, was also recruited from the Congress and put on the post of MLC wearing a pink scarf. Gellu Srinivas‌ Top leaders of TRS announced during the by-election that if Yadav wins as MLA of Hujurabad and Srinivas wins as MLA and Kaushik Reddy as MLC, both of them will develop the constituency with one plus one offer. And after the by-elections, the situation has completely changed here. The leaders showed strength and tried to get in the attention of the high command one by one. 

Earlier the high command kept Kaushik Reddy away from the constituency!

He lost in the by-election‌ Also won Srinivas TRA constituency in‌charge‌     The administration advised Kaushik Reddy, who won as MLC, to stay away from the programs in the constituency. After the by-election, Gellu Srinivas has been participating in the party’s activities, and since two months, Kaushik Reddy has suddenly increased his aggression in the Hujurabad TRS party. They are organizing party events and showing strength. Kaushik Reddy is increasing his aggression and is campaigning that Kaushik Reddy will contest as an MLA in the next elections. Srinivas won with this   He held a media conference and announced that he will contest the next election as an MLA. Padi Kaushik Reddy declared that he has nothing to do with the  challenge‌ it is his personal challenge and he has nothing to do with it as the in-charge of the constituency.  But now the scene has changed. 

Koushik Reddy has a chance that Srinivas won’t be able to tolerate it!

In Huzurabad‌ TRS party is organizing programs in two factions, so the heads don’t know how to deal with whom to be with. The second tier leaders are catching up. Both of them are participating in programs that are good no matter what the situation is. But now leaving Gellu Srinivas aside… KTR has announced Kaushik Reddy’s candidacy. But Etala is announcing that he will contest against CM KCR.  

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