ED who will interrogate Kavitha once again today- MLC who will talk to the media before going

ED who will interrogate Kavitha once again today- MLC who will talk to the media before going

BR&S‌ ED inquiry again on Thursday in Delhi Liquor Scam‌ MLC Kavitha will be present. Already on March 11, she was forced by enforcement. Directorate officials inquired. She was given a notice to appear on the 16th. With this, she will face ED investigation for the second time today. 

CBI and ED have already investigated many political leaders, officials and others in the liquor scam case which has become the center of great sensation in politics. Kavita is now being interrogated based on the information and testimony given by them. Kavita has already faced CBI and ED investigation once. Now he is attending the ED inquiry for the second time. 

Petition in the Supreme Court 

Kavitha who attended the inquiry on March 11.. on the way the inquiry was conducted there Attended the Supreme Court. The Supreme Court rejected Kavitha’s request for urgent hearing of her petition. It said that they will inquire on March 24. According to Cr‌PC Section 160, women should be interrogated when they go home… Contrary to this, the ED called him to the office and interrogated him. He said that notices have been given to come for investigation once again. Requested to cancel them. 

Kavitha also made allegations against the ED along with the request to cancel the ED notice. He expressed concern that the ED would apply third degree against the accused and there is a possibility of torturing him as well. That’s why he requested to cancel the notice and give instructions not to take any strict action against him. He said that his phone was also seized by the ED without prior information. 

Media meeting

Kavitha, who is going to the ED investigation today, will speak to the media. It is known that he will hold a media conference at ten o’clock to clarify the allegations against him. What will she say? Everyone is interested in what kind of things will be brought to light.

Ramachandrapillai’s testimony is the real mystery! 

Delhi Liquor  Almost all the accused involved in the scam have been arrested.  Manish Sisodia, who was the Deputy CM of Delhi at the time of the scam, along with Sarath Chandra Reddy, Magunta Raghava Reddy, Abhishek Boinapally, many liquor traders and close associates of AAP were arrested. Ramachandra Pillai, among those arrested, testified that he was Kavitha’s benami, and complications arose for Kavitha. ED is questioning Kavitha on the basis of this statement.  But Pillai has already filed a petition in the Rouse Avenue court that he will retract this statement. 

What are the main allegations against Kavitha in the liquor scam? 

Liquor policy in Delhi. March..   ED says that Kavitha from South Group played a major role in the corruption case. Ramachandra Pillai, Sameer Mahindru and Magunta Srinivas Reddy have 65 percent partnership in South Group. Vijaya Nair is working on behalf of Manish Sisodia, ED said that Arun Pillai is Kavitha’s representative for Indo Spirit. The ED said that Buchibabu, who is the representative of the South Group, said in a statement given on February 28 that he had paid one hundred crores through hawala. The ED said that a political understanding was reached between Delhi CM Arvint Kejriwal and Kavitha in formulating the Delhi Liquor Policy. The ED stated that Vijay Nair met Kavitha on March 19 and 20, 2021, and after the meeting at Gauri’s apartment in New Delhi, Arun Abhishek met Vijay Nair Dinesh Arora at ITC Kohinoor in Hyderabad in June 2021.

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