Eatala Rajender: Illegal cases against us to divert TSPSC papers leak: Eatala in inquiry

Ex-minister and MLA Huzurabad Etala Rajender attended the hearing on Monday in the class 10 Hindi question paper leakage case. Etala Rajender appeared before Warangal Central DCP. A few days ago, class 10 Hindi paper was leaked in Kamalapur in Warangal district. Within an hour of the commencement of the examination, the police found that a person named Prashant had sent a paper to Etala Rajender on WhatsApp. State BJP president Bandi Sanjay was also found to have gone on WhatsApp. As a result, the police have become more aggressive in this paper leakage case and are continuing the investigation to a full extent. A few days ago notices were issued to Etala Rajender for investigation.  Accordingly, Etala appeared before Warangal Central DCP today. Along with Warangal Central DCP, ACP and Kamalapur inspectors questioned Etala Rajender. It is already known that the police interrogated the PAs of Etala Rajender in this case and seized their cell phones. Etala Rajender gave a statement to the police in the DCP office in the paper leak case. He gave his phone to the police and gave them the required information. No WhatsApp message was received from the phone number mentioned in the police notice. He explained to the police that he did not even open the message from a different number.

After coming out, Etala Rajender spoke to the media. ‘‘I have not received any WhatsApp call. I did not even open the message. Despite being in public life for 20 years. Narendra Modi is the only Prime Minister who dares to directly interact with the students during exams. Even if I am in such a party. Our party is a party that wants the future of children. If the exam starts at 9.30 and the paper comes out after 11 hours, how is it called a paper leak? Sitting in KCR Pragathi Bhawan, they have filed cases against us as a conspiracy to implicate us.

Six examination papers of TSPSC have been leaked. These cases are being filed to divert the negative discussion. If Chandrasekhar is saying that he brought money of crores of rupees and gave it in a Range Rover car, then the discussion is being sidetracked. This is being diverted by saying that the leak case should not be discussed.  

Rajdeep Sir‌Desai says that KCR will spend the whole country for elections. These cases are being filed so that there should not be a discussion on that issue. Diet charges are not given in Telangana and pension is not given on time. The contractors don’t get money but the whole country spends on elections. These cases are an attempt to sidestep all these issues. 

KCR will stand by the people until he is defeated and the aspirations of the people are fulfilled. This is an illegal case. The SCSC cases came to the fore to divert public focus from the TSPSC paper leak cases’’ said Etala Rajender.

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