Dimple Hayathi VS Rahul Hegde: Dimple vs IPS Rahul’s involvement in Baldia’s case, how did you leave it like that sir?

Dimple Hayathi VS Rahul Hegde: Dimple vs IPS Rahul’s involvement in Baldia’s case, how did you leave it like that sir?

Readers know about the case of young heroine, Telugu actress Dimple Hayathi vs. Traffic DCP, IPS Rahul Hegde (IPS Rahul Hegde BK). Rahul Hegde accused that Dimple damaged the parked government vehicle and deliberately kicked the traffic cones. He says that he is a government official and has to go out for urgent duties as he is working in the traffic department, but Dimple has explained this very clearly to Hayati, but they are blocking her car. 

DCP Rahul Hegde blocking their status Her lawyer claimed that Dimple was harassing Hayati. He asked how the traffic cones that should be on the roads came into the cellar area of ​​an apartment. He questioned how the cement blocks (pre-cast dividers) used on roads for traffic control came to apartment defects. Baldia officials are stuck in this dispute. Their mistake has come to light.

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The police department is performing the task management and control functions under the jurisdiction of GHMC. Although that responsibility is theirs… but the creation of roads and resources is Baldia’s. It is the GHMC officials who install the traffic cones and pre-cast dividers starting with the traffic signals. 

Who took the cones into the cellar?
Dimple Hayati’s lawyer asked who took the cones into the cellar of the apartment, which was supposed to be on the roads. did you go That! If you ask the officials of Baldia on that matter… they answer that they don’t know. GHMC officials agree that moving those cones and pre-cast dividers into the cellar is against the rules. At the same time will you know who moved and take action? If you ask that, they skip the answers. Some of the people think that Dimple Hayati tweeted abuse of power.

You can’t hide your mistakes! – Dimple Tweets!
Dimple Hayati tweeted on Tuesday morning that ‘You cannot stop wrongdoing by using power’. After that, she tweeted that mistakes cannot be hidden by abuse of power. It is said that Satyameva Jayate. She said that she can understand the concern of the fans, she has not given any statement till now and she will face this case through the legal team.

A voice is doing the rounds on social media that Dimple Hayati has said that a false case has been filed against her. In the audio, she asked what she could do to such a senior officer. 

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