Dimple Hayathi Police Case : What is the meaning of those tweets ‘Dimple’ madam? Is it the fault of the police?

Dimple Hayathi Police Case : What is the meaning of those tweets ‘Dimple’ madam?  Is it the fault of the police?

Heroine Dimple Hayathi (Dimple Hayathi) went to Jubilee Hills Police Station. Traffic DCP, IPS Rahul Hegde’s driver, constable Chetan Kumar, who registered a case based on the complaint, the police… sent notices. But… was abuse of power behind the case registered against her? Did traffic DCP target Dimple Hayati on purpose? Dimple’s tweets are the reason for these suspicions!

You can’t hide your mistakes!
Dimple Hayati and a man named Victor David walking out of the station with her, the visuals were circulated in the media. It is also going viral on social media. As a case has been registered against the heroine, people are also showing interest. Dimple made some tweets in this background. 

Dimple Hayati first tweeted that ‘Using power doesn’t stop any mistake’. It means ‘You cannot stop wrongdoing by exercising power’. After that ‘Misuse of power doesn’t hide mistakes .. . #satyamevajayathe’ was another tweet. Mistakes cannot be hidden by abuse of power, she said. It is said that Satyameva Jayate. 

Using power doesn’t stop any mistake. πŸ˜‚

— Dimple Hayathi (@DimpleHayathi) May 23, 2023

Misuse of power doesn’t hide mistakes .. πŸ˜‚ . #satyamevajayathe

— Dimple Hayathi (@DimpleHayathi) May 23, 2023

Looking at the two tweets by Dimple Hayati… where the case is not mentioned directly. But, it is easily understood that she tweeted about the case. How will the police respond to this? It has to be seen.

What is the real case of Dimple?
Dimple lives in Huda Enclave Jubilee Hills in Journalist Colony. Traffic DCP IPS Rahul Hegde (Rahul Hegde IPS) also resides in it. There was a fight between the two regarding car parking. 

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IPS Rahul Hegde driver, Constable Chetan parking the car in the cellar area of ​​the apartment everyday. Heroine Dimple Hayati and David are parking their vehicle next to the police vehicle. Rahul Hegde’s driver Chetan Kumar complained that both of them were doing things like removing the cover of DCP’s vehicle every day and kicking the cones that were blocking the vehicle. The complaint stated that Dimple Hayati rammed the parked DCP vehicle with her car on 14th of this month. 

What was recorded on the CCTV?
Rahul Hegde driver CCTV to Jubilee Hills Police. It is reported that the footage was also given. It seems that there are visuals of Dimple Hayati hitting DCP’s car with her own car. But… Dimple Hayati didn’t talk about that. Whose fault is it if CCTV visuals are released? Who did what? It is understandable. Otherwise, Dimple Hayati’s tweets will remain mere accusations. It is like attacking the other person to cover his mistake.   

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