DH Srinivasa Rao: DH Srinivasa’s Sensational Comments on Kothagudem MLA, Give Him Rest

DH Srinivasa Rao: DH Srinivasa’s Sensational Comments on Kothagudem MLA, Give Him Rest

DH Srinivasa Rao: Telangana Health Director Srinivasa Rao is in the news once again. There are many occasions where his comments are true that the speculations that he will enter politics are true. It is known that he is showing interest in contesting from Kothagudem constituency and that is why he is behaving to please BRS chief KCR. Recently he was in the news once again sending signals that he is ready to compete from Kothagudem. This time he indirectly criticized the MLA of the ruling party. DH Srinivasa Rao is touring in Palvancha mandal. He participated in a meeting organized on this occasion. In this order, Kothagudem MLA Vanama Venkateswara Rao was indirectly criticized.

‘Retirement age for all our employees is 60 years. After that it will be sent. Similarly our local public representative is 80 years old. He has done a lot for Kothagudem constituency. Even now it is not good to make him difficult. He is very old so let’s give him a rest. Also in the last election… this is the last election, I can’t struggle anymore, this is my last time, give me a chance this time, he said. You all gave him a chance as he asked. Again this time they are asking to give another chance. Hey.. how many more chances will we give. Our GSR Trust is also creating such awareness among people. I am not telling you that I want something tomorrow. We need to understand ourselves. They are not asking for their property, status and power. Gadala Srinivasa Rao commented that they should fulfill their responsibilities as representatives of the people. Srinivasa Rao made interesting comments at the Mega Job Mela. He said that he will give back a lot to the new one. Not stopping there.. Many people have taken a lot from Kothagudem and all of them should give it back to Kothagudem, otherwise let’s make them give it back and became a hot topic. Every chance he gets, Srinivasa Rao sends a message that he is ready to contest from Kothagudem. 

The then Chief Minister KCR planting his legs went viral on social media, he was severely criticized. However, Srinivasa Rao did not retreat anywhere. Moreover, he justified what he did. He showed humble obedience that he prayed not once but a hundred times. Telangana Director of Health Gadala Srinivasa Rao strongly wants Kothagudem constituency, which has split into Jalagam and Vanama groups, to stand in the election ring.

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