Delhi Liquor Scam: Delhi Liquor Scam is based in Hyderabad, South Group is a key stakeholder!

Delhi Liquor Scam: Delhi Liquor Scam is based in Hyderabad, South Group is a key stakeholder!

Delhi Liquor Scam: AAP leader Manish Sisodia, who was arrested in Delhi Liquor Scam, was produced in the ED court. But Sisodia’s remand report revealed sensationalism in ED. It is said that the Delhi Liquor Scam took place in Hyderabad. The ED told the court that the liquor policy was framed without accepting the views of the expert committee to benefit certain individuals. The ED lawyer said that they have evidence against senior AAP leader Sisodia in the case. In this system, the selected wholesalers will get 12 percent profit margin. ED said that the policy has been formulated as follows. It revealed that it was six percent higher than it should have been.

South Group is a key shareholder 

"We have information that this was done on the orders of Manish Sisodia. They also violated the system laid down for licensing the sale of liquor.  A select few have benefited from it" ED said. Sisodia’s aide Vijay Nair coordinated the entire conspiracy along with Telangana MLC K. Kavita along with the South Group, while businessman Dinesh Arora coordinated the kickbacks, the ED told the court. The ED said the South Group has become a shareholder in the excise business in Delhi.  Kavita Ex-Auditor‌ ED clarified the evidence given by Gorantla Buchibabu in the remand report. ED revealed that there is political understanding between Sisodia and KCR’s daughter Kavitha and she also met Vijay Nair. Sisodia’s counsel — senior advocates Dayan Krishnan, Mohit Mathur, Siddharth Aggarwal — rejected the arguments of the ED counsel. Excise‌ The policy was made by Lt‌ Governor‌ Sisodia’s lawyers said that he must have examined it before giving his approval. Sisodia’s counsel said that the ED’s claims were ill-intentioned. The maximum punishment in this case is only seven years, so they asked for bail and not to impose custody. Sisodia’s lawyer Dayan Krishna said in the court that it has become fashionable for agencies to take arrests as a right these days and the time has come for the courts to question this right. CBI is investigating the case.  Krishna said that the case that the ED is saying is actually a CBI case and the ED will investigate under the Prevention of Money Laundering Act.  

Delhi Liquor Scam Centered in Hyderabad 

Sensations are coming to light in Delhi Liquor Scam.  Manish said that the liquor scam took place in Hyderabad center itself. ED said in Sisodia’s remand report. ED officials produced AAP leader Sisodia in a Delhi court on Friday. Sisodia remand‌ ED reveals political, financial and criminal affairs in the report. Liquor‌ Scam Hyderabad‌ It is said that it was planned. The ED report stated that South Group called Dinesh Arora to Hyderabad and key discussions were held at ITC Kohinoor. The ED remand report revealed that BRS MLC Kavitha, Delhi CM Kejriwal and the then Deputy CM Manish Sisodia were aware of this matter and Kavitha’s former auditor Buchibabu said. MLC Kavitha met Vijay Nair on March 19 and 20, 2021. Vijay Nair on behalf of Kejriwal, Sisodia. ED said in the report that Buchibabu said that he had worked. Indospirit‌ He said that Kavitha has 32 percent share in the company in the name of Arun Pillai, and an understanding has been reached to give some amount to Op&zwnj if changes are made in the liquor policy in favor of Kavitha. ED revealed that Buchibabu has stated this in his statement. ITC Kohinoor, Hyderabad in June 2021 Arun‌ Pillai, Abhishek‌ Boinapalli, Vijay‌ Nair‌, Dinesh‌ Arora says they met. ED said in the remand report that they discussed the issues of how to give Rs.100 crores and how to move it to Delhi. Group‌ Dinesh Arora took cash of Rs.31 crores and used that money in op‌ Reached the leaders. Sisodia 14 Mobile‌ Phones changed. The ED revealed in its report that two of the phones were seized during the CBI raids. Two days before the official release of the Delhi Liquor Policy, Kavitha’s former auditor Buchibabu said that the details had reached. The ED told the court that some matters related to liquor policy were found on Buchibabu’s phone. 12 percent profit in liquor policy‌ Change it so that the op‌ Vijay‌ to give 6 percent to the leaders. Nair‌ As said by Dinesh‌ The remand report stated that Arora confessed before the ED. The ED said Sisodia changed his phone on the day the Delhi LG ordered an inquiry into the liquor policy. Sim‌ Cards have been used,  Rs.100 crores through donations, Indospirits‌ ED said that Rs.192 crores have been received in profits. The ED remanded that Sisodia gave inconsistent answers regarding the donations and that Sisodia was the key in the case of receiving Rs.292.8 crores. Clarified in the report. 

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