Clay Pots Demand: There is a strong demand for Pedodi Freeze which provides good health along with cold water

Clay Pots Demand: There is a strong demand for Pedodi Freeze which provides good health along with cold water

Clay Pots Demand: The demand for Paydodi fridge has increased. It is not known whether rubies can be found in clay but health can be found in a clay pot. As summer has come, the plight of many people is indescribable. The condition of the common man is even worse. Relying on alternative ways to get relief from the heat of the day. Nowadays people are shivering as the temperature is increasing day by day. The increased demand for earthenware in Warangal district is not all. No matter how much water you drink, your thirst is not quenched. Locals say that if you drink the water from the fridge at home, you suffer from diseases like sore throat, cold and cough. So, to maintain health, people are resorting to earthen pots that are readily available in nature. Moreover, during the dry season, the demand for earthen pots, known as the poor man’s fridge, has increased. Our ancestors used earthenware for everything. Today, steel, silver, German, plastic, copper, brass, aluminum and other utensils have come into use in place of earthenware in accordance with the changing times. Earlier only poor families used earthen pots. Nowadays, middle class and rich people in urban and rural villages are also accustomed to drinking water in clay pots as per the advice of doctors. Even in the modern era, many people are fond of clay pots. Society is changing with the times and they are again turning to earthen pots. Apart from rural areas, people are eager to buy earthen pots in towns and cities as well. Currently pots are priced between Rs 250 to Rs 300 hundred. Traders say that there is a good demand for earthen pots in the market due to summer season. 

Good health with earthen pot

Water in earthen pot is best at least in dry season. Doctors suggest to drink. Drink water in a pot during summer. Drinking this water is very healthy. It is better for small children and adults to drink water from a pot rather than water from the fridge. So that’s why we bought this pot. Drinking water from the fridge can lead to colds, sore throats and other health problems. Doctors also suggest drinking water from a pot. Available pots – Health For the people

Behind the making of pots that provide cool water and good health at prices that are accessible to all. The profession of the potter caste is to bring clay and make pots. They say that in today’s era, which is disappearing along with them, there are no conditions for their children to survive depending on the profession of potter.. So if their children have to study and pursue the profession of potter.. They say that their bellies will be full with the current prices. At present there are 250 to 700 hundred pots depending on the sizes and designs. There is a huge demand for earthenware in Warangal district. It is said by the elders that it is useful to drink water in a clay pot for a person to be healthy.

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