Chandrababu Speech: Wherever there is yellow, there is auspiciousness – TDP will exist as long as history: Chandrababu

TDP National President Nara Chandrababu Naidu said that today (March 29) was the day when the history of the state was rewritten 41 years ago, and NTR TDP said that the debt of the Telugu nation should be settled. There was no proposal to make a statement on the formation of the party that day. But he said that NTR had already announced the party in the crowd in the MLA’s quarters. Chandrababu reminded that NTR said that if party is being formed for Telugu race… its name is Telugu country.

TDP national president Nara Chandrababu, Telangana and AP presidents Kasani Gnaneshwar, Achchennaidu, Polit Bureau at TDP foundation day meeting at Nampally exhibition ground. Members and chief leaders of two Telugu states participated. Chandrababu said that history was rewritten in four decades. The Telugu nation was born from the self-respect of the Telugu race. NTR was asked what is your theory… Humanism is my theory, NTR said.  Yellow has been made the party color. Where there is yellow, there is auspiciousness. NTR’s party symbol was designed as a plough, wheel and purillu symbol. He said that the history of the Telugu race…before the emergence of the Telugu nation…after the emergence should be seen. All this changed when NTR came. Chandrababu said that Telugu Desam Party is the party that started the welfare program in India. Challenging and saying… NTR is the leader who gave Rs. 2 kg for food security. Now food security schemes are being implemented in the country.  Reforms are nicknamed NTR. NTR is the leader who brought the dialectical system and decentralized power. Patel Patwari system was abolished in Telangana region.  A great leader who brought doctors, engineers, lawyers and graduates into politics saying that educated people should come into politics. NTR is the leader.  The rubies in the soil are our children. Once upon a time girls were not educated. But he was the leader who brought the women’s university to educate girls.  NTR gave property rights to women. Political priority was given to the backward classes. They were given 20 percent reservation in local institutions. After I arrived I made them 34 percent.   Chandrababu said Telugu Desam is a party that has brought up the weaker sections socially, politically and economically.

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