BRS MLA: I am 63 years old – sexual harassment allegations against me? MLA Rajaiah cried!

BRS MLA: I am 63 years old – sexual harassment allegations against me?  MLA Rajaiah cried!

BRS MLA :  BRS MLA Rajaiah wept bitterly. This is because he recently faced allegations of sexual harassment.   MLA Rajaiah, who attended Father Colombo’s birthday celebrations in Karunapuram, said that some people are doing dirty politics against him. He became emotional that sexual accusations were being made against him politically. 63-year-old asked why such accusations were being made against him.                                                              

Dammunte Face‌ Two Face‌ The MLA challenged to know whether to do politics. But when he saw any survey, he said that he was in the front row, and some people could not face him honestly and were making trouble by doing dead body politics. He made it clear that he will win as MLA for the fifth time with the blessings of Father Colombo, who has caused many difficulties. In a very sincere way, he is sharing Mamta’s affections and encouraging women to perform equally with men in a way that increases the dignity of women.                                     

No matter how many obstacles are faced, no matter what anyone does, there is nothing to fear. He said that he was brought up in the hands of Mata Kannela, and he is a person who respects women. Ghanpur Constituency is my temple till my last breath and people say that they are gods to me. Rajaiah vowed to live among the people and die among the people as witness of the Colombo statue.                           

Recently there were allegations of MLA sexually assaulting female Sarpanch Navya. Janakipuram Sarpanch Navya made these allegations.   Sarpanch who made allegations on the orders of the authority went to Navya’s house and told Rajaiah.  He said that he is sorry for the recent developments. He said that he has four younger sisters and that he is working for the self-respect of women. He said that he will provide support to women as long as there is life. Apologies for some recent mistakes. He said that there were accusations against me in the matter of development. He said that he is sanctioning Rs.25 lakh for the development of Janakipuram. Sarpanch said he will protect Navya Praveen Kumar. He said that the party leadership has also ordered the development of Janakipuram village. He said that he gave the ticket to the sarpanch to see Praveen, but not to see Navya. Everyone knows what is happening in station Ghanpur.  

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