BRS Meet: Sensational decisions in BRS executive meeting? Are you going to shock KCR?

BRS Meet: Sensational decisions in BRS executive meeting?  Are you going to shock KCR?

BRS Meet :   Bharat Rashtra Samithi working group meeting will be held at Telangana Bhavan on Friday. This is an emergency meeting.  Party leader, Chief Minister KCR‌ The conference will be chaired by the state working group and chairmen of corporations, party presidents of all districts, nominated at all levels‌ Orders were issued that all the incumbents must participate. Everyone expects that there will be new strategies in the background of important decisions and elections. MLC Kavitha Eddy will be present for the investigation. There are speculations that he will be arrested. It is expected that the BRS working group is likely to take important decisions in this order. 

Strategy to take the schemes approved in the cabinet meeting to the people 

The Telangana cabinet will give Rs. Key decisions have been taken in the matter of   schemes giving lakhs.  The ‘Grihalakshmi’ brought the scheme. As part of the scheme, the Cabinet has decided to provide financial assistance at the rate of Rs. 3 lakh to 4 lakh people in the first release across the state. Also another lakh 30 thousand people will be given Dalit Bandhu. There is a possibility to finalize strategies to take these to the people. As key issues were discussed in the cabinet meeting, it is likely to be mentioned in the executive meeting. Politically important decisions are likely to be taken. 

Even if there is a poem in Delhi, why the hasty meeting? MLC Kavitha will initiate the women’s bill demand. For some time now, she has been demanding that a bill to provide reservation for women in the legislature should be introduced in the parliament. are doing Parliament to be held from 13th of this month‌ Invitations have been sent to all the parties and communities to participate in this initiative aimed at putting pressure on the center to bring the bill in the meetings itself. Representatives of 18 parties across the country will participate in the initiation in support of Kavitha. Many ministers and working group members went to participate in this dharna. However, it is interesting that KCR wants to hold a meeting on the same day. 

Direction on the programs to be undertaken if Kavita is arrested? 

Parliamentary Party, Legislative‌ A joint meeting of the party and state executive committee will be held. In this wide-ranging meeting, the party’s parliament-members, legislative assembly, legislative council members, party state executive committee, district party presidents, Zilla Parishad‌ Chairman‌s, State Level Corporation‌ Chairman, DCMs, DCCB Chairman will participate. In the background of this being an election year, there will be a wide discussion on the implementation of government programs, party activities and other issues. Leader KCR said that everyone should attend this meeting properly. Suggested. The presence of important political platforms in the national capital and the state capital on the same day has become a topic of discussion. Kavitha will attend the hearing on the eleventh. If Kavitha is arrested on that day..  It is thought that there is a possibility to explain the plans to take up a massive movement against BJP. 

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