BRS Election Plan: KCR Public Meetings – KTR Bus Trip! BRS Mission Telangana Ready!

BRS Election Plan: KCR Public Meetings – KTR Bus Trip!  BRS Mission Telangana Ready!


BRS Election Plan :  BRS party leaders are finalizing the campaign plan to win for the third time. KCR’s public meetings. KTR’s bus trip has almost decided to hand over the responsibilities of the districts to other senior leaders. Although KCR is focusing on national politics, it is known that he will take full campaign responsibility in the case of Telangana.   They are going to come to the public with a huge public meeting in every district. Plans are being made to hold district progress meetings in the morning and participate in large open meetings in the evening.  

Preparations for KTR bus trip!  
br‌s‌ Party Working‌ President‌ KTR‌ Sources of BRS say that they are going to undertake a bus trip across the state under the leadership.  cover every constituency‌ They say that they are making plans to do so. They are trying to have meetings and meetings. BR‌S‌ The development made under the leadership of the party will be explained. KTR‌ Prepared to give through. What people want is also taken into consideration based on survey reports. Especially KTR‌ Key followers will be entrusted with the responsibilities to make the bus trip under his leadership a success. Future CM KTR‌ It seems that the yatra is going to be organized in the style of. 

Opposition parties have gone to the people through padayatras!

In Telangana, the leaders of the opposition parties have already gone to the people through padayatras. Bandi Sanjay on behalf of BJP, Revanth Reddy on behalf of Congress and Sharmila, president of YSRCP, did padayatras. are doing That is why a key person on behalf of the government also came to the opinion that it would be good to do the trip.  If it is a bus trip, it is expected to cover all the constituencies. Election‌ schedule‌ The bus trip will be completed before release. Later, huge outdoor gatherings and spiritual gatherings will be held. The trip is June‌ First week or June‌ They are deciding to stay later. Telangana Bhavan sources say that the complete plans for this are likely to be released soon. 

Khena Harish is in charge of Khammam district which has become a challenge?  

Even if the party has MLAs in Khammam, it is felt that every party has a high chance of winning from there.   In Khammam, along with TDP, Congress, YSRTP and dissident leaders of their own party, the leadership is of the opinion that they will try to defeat the ruling party. With this, this district is completely Harish‌ Rao will be given the responsibility of winning. BRS has won only one seat twice in the past. Harish will be given the responsibility to win more seats this time. It seems that BRS is preparing a campaign plan by clearing up all the mistakes. 

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