BRS Chief KCR: Is it as if KCR has come to clarity on the candidates who are stubborn to more than 20 MLAs this time?

BRS Chief KCR: Is it as if KCR has come to clarity on the candidates who are stubborn to more than 20 MLAs this time?

BRS Chief KCR :  Elections in Telangana will be held at the end of the year. BRS chief KCR expects to announce the candidates by August or September. To this extent, he is conducting surveys through various means. Complete information about MLAs has been collected. In a recent working group meeting, some MLAs issued a direct warning against the scam. In addition to the performance of each person, the interference of their family members in the constituency, their businesses, the way they treat people, their role in the selection of beneficiaries, the candidates are finalized. It is difficult!

KCR is saying that according to the widespread campaign in the BRS circles, there is strong opposition among the people against the four ministers and 22 MLAs belonging to the ruling party.    For eight people   Not available Hyderabad‌ It has been found that they go to the constituency once in a week for ten days while conducting their business activities at the center. Also, Vemulawada MLA mostly stays in Germany. KCR is expected to call the MLAs who feel backward and issue a final warning. If the method is not changed even later.. the ticket will be finalized for the new ones. 

KCR who does not want to get into trouble this time 

As the assembly elections held this time are crucial, in the allotment of tickets. Unlike in the past, for the decision to deal with strictness this time, the head of India KCR‌ As received – information. Sitting‌ They say that if all the MLAs are given a chance to contest again, it is not to increase opposition among the people.   CM KCR whether he is an MLA or a minister who has opposition among the people‌ They are being reminded that they have been neglected and that this has happened in many elections so far. Ministers are directing the MLAs to be close to the people in every meeting but some MLAs are not changing their attitude and feel that the party is getting diluted in their respective constituencies. >

KCR is getting information that ministers and MLAs are not working as expected in terms of the strengths of the opposition parties and their strategy.  Government schemes, program implementation methods, beneficiaries’ opinions will also be collected…further construction will be taken.  KCR on Ministers performance‌ Party sources say that they have come to an opinion. It is said that after the open house being held in Maharashtra on 26th of this month, the backward ministers and MLAs will be called to Pragathi Bhavan and a final warning will be issued. However, twenty MLAs may not have tickets this time. 

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