Breaking News Live Telugu Updates: CM Jagan left for the port – the foundation stone of the port will be laid soon

Breaking News Live Telugu Updates: CM Jagan left for the port – the foundation stone of the port will be laid soon

Breaking News Live Telugu Updates: 

Another twist in the investigation of former minister Vivekananda Reddy’s case. It seems that the CBI has decided to go aggressively in the case of Avinash Reddy, who is absent for various reasons whenever he is called for investigation. 

CBI is serious

On Sunday night, the mother’s health condition is not good and the investigation will not start for a few days. Avinash Reddy wrote a letter to CBI. There are reports that CBI is getting serious about this. At the same time, it seems that the CBI officials are holding discussions with the SP of Kurnool district. It is reported that an embassy has been sent to Avinash Reddy to surrender. 

Discussions with SP

These days Hyderabad‌ Kurnool is now the stage for Hydrama which was run centrally. There has been a tense atmosphere at a private hospital in Kurnool for four days.  

High tension in Kurnool since Friday

Avinash Reddy to be questioned by CBI on Friday. To come. But he told the CBI that his mother’s health was not good and left for Pulivendula. They went there to join the mother in Kurnool. MP YS‌ Aninash‌ Reddy’s mother Lakshmamma is undergoing treatment at Vishwabharati Hospital. On Friday morning, Lakshmamma fell down. Avinash‌ Instead of going to the CBI office, he went to see his mother on Agamegha. Anantapur district  Ambulance mother Lakshmamma at Dhitturur in Tadipatri Mandal‌ Avinash along with his convoy. Left for Hyderabad. But whatever happened, she was taken to Kurnool. 

When she reached Kurnool city, the situation changed dramatically. The doctors performed cardiac tests on her. There are some changes in loBP, ECG, cardiac‌ James‌ Angiogram‌ Cardiologist‌  Dr‌ Hitesh‌Reddy Health‌ Bulletin‌ He has been released.

Avinash said that he must come for investigation on Monday at this time‌ CBI officials once again issued notices to Reddy. The MP who replied to this wrote a letter saying that he cannot come to the inquiry until his mother’s health deteriorates. His mother, who was undergoing treatment, was discharged from the hospital. MP Avinash Reddy said that there is no problem in coming to the inquiry after that. Kadapa MP Avinash, who attended the hearing in Viveka’s murder case several times. It is known that Reddy was absent from the CBI investigation twice on 16th and 19th of this month. It seems that the CBI is now preparing the ground to arrest him as the YCP MP has written a letter saying that he will not attend the hearing. 

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