BJP On KTR Kavitha : And why the fear of investigation? Telangana BJP leaders fire on KTR and Kavitha!

BJP On KTR Kavitha : And why the fear of investigation?  Telangana BJP leaders fire on KTR and Kavitha!

BJP On KTR Kavitha  :   Union Minister Kishan Reddy lashed out at Minister KTR and MLC Kavitha for criticizing Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Kishan Reddy made it clear that Prime Minister Modi is targeting…Anna’s sisters are saying… Modi is not a great family or human being.  You are stuck in the case and are throwing insults at BJP.. He asked who broke the phones. Kishan Reddy asked who messed with Delhi’s liquor policy.. who changed it.. who went on special flights.. who earned money. If they open their mouths, they are liars.. They do not know how to speak the truth..   He said that it is a shame to talk about a poem that made the entire Telangana community think about political harassment.                                            

The Kalvakuntla family has no moral right to speak for women’s reservation.  KCR family will have one law and common man will not have one law..   Kavitha was asked whether women’s reservation was remembered when the liquor case came out.   If you have ruled Telangana for five years without a woman minister, do you have the right to ask about reservations? Union Minister Kishan Reddy said that people of Telangana have bowed their heads in shame because of the work done by BRS MLC Kavitha. He asked if the Telangana community told you to go to Delhi and do illegal liquor business.         

Another BJP leader DK Aruna said that the comments made by the BRS leaders that the BJP is contributing to the achievements of the party is incorrect.  He said that there is no party achievement behind issuing ED notices to Kavita. He complained that the whole world looks green to a green-eyed person… As soon as they came to power, the Kalvakuntla family and the BRS party, who started to take advantage of everyone, seemed to be doing the same. Aruna questioned why those who have already been arrested in the liquor scam are repeatedly mentioning Kavita’s name. In the ED investigation, Kavitha said that she can prove her sincerity. 

He criticized KCR’s habit of using Telangana sentiment whenever there is danger to his family. If Kavitha is called for ED investigation in the liquor scam… BRS leaders are angry that they are insulting the entire Telangana community. He said that due to the advance information that notices will be received from the ED… it seems that women’s reservation has opened up for a new drama.

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