BJP conspiracy behind TSPSC paper leak – BRS leader Dasoju Shravan sensational allegations

BJP conspiracy behind TSPSC paper leak – BRS leader Dasoju Shravan sensational allegations

BRS leader Dasoju Shravan made a sensational allegation that there was a BJP conspiracy behind the TSPSC paper leak. Shravan said that they have definite information on this matter! Shravan’s comments in a media conference organized at Telangana Bhavan. did They suspected that this conspiracy was led by Bandi Sanjay with a secret agenda and a conspiratorial attitude. Shravan said that the paper leak was an unfortunate incident and it was painful. He said that the government has set up a SIT and is conducting an investigation. BR‌S‌ Bandi Sanjay to answer these allegations. The leaders demanded.

Since 2014, 1 lakh 34 thousand appointments have been made, but not a single irregularity has taken place, said Shravan‌. He reminded that if this TSPSC is prepared in a highly armed manner, other state commissions have come and studied it. He expressed doubt that they have information that the leakage case was led by the BJP state president. They said that this is a proof of BJP’s decadent politics. Shravan said that there was a lot of internal strife in the BJP and that is why this conspiracy was hatched to defame the KCR government.

Shravan said that Praveen was the first of Lee’s heroes, while Rajasekhar Reddani was the second. He said that Rajasekhar is the most active warrior in the social middle sections of the BJP party. It is claimed that this Rajasekhar is a resident of Karimnagar Mallya, the parliamentary seat of Bandi Sanjay. Working as an outsourcing employee, KCR‌ They were fired for conspiring to discredit the government. Shravan criticized BJP for doing occult politics. He compared the leakage to political prostitution.

Shravan said that the BJP has conspired to increase their mileage by provoking the youth with a secret agenda. Kishan Reddy, Bandi Sanjay demand to answer what action will be taken against Rajasekhar Reddy‌ did He reminded that if the paper was leaked in Gujarat University, there is no answer so far. He criticized that the paper was leaked many times in Gujarat Public Service Commission and no action was taken against it. Dasoju Shravan said that BJP leaders are playing with the lives of the unemployed. Said. He called upon the unemployed youth to take hold of the BJP leaders and ask.

Bandi Sanjay said that another leader, Errolla Srinivas, does not want the unemployed youth to get jobs. He criticized that BJP means Jumla Party and many question papers were leaked in states like Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat and Uttar Pradesh. Errolla said that BJP has hatched a conspiracy to discredit the KCR government. He said that action will be taken as per the law and the government will stand by the unemployed youth. strong>

If this is the case, TSPSC has issued a fresh order canceling the leaked Assistant Engineer Exam. The commission said that the exam dates will be announced soon. The examination for this was held on 5th of this month (March). There are 837 vacancies including Assistant Engineers, Municipal. Assistant Engineers,  The examination was conducted for the posts of Technical Officers and Junior Technical Officers. But after it was found that this paper was leaked, an FIR was registered on March 14. An order was issued canceling the examination on 15.

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