Bhatti Vikramarka: Where is Mission Bhagiratha? Tanks painted and connections changed!: CLP leader Bhatti

Bhatti Vikramarka: Where is Mission Bhagiratha?  Tanks painted and connections changed!: CLP leader Bhatti

CLP leader Bhatti Vikramarka’s foot yatra is where people are lining up to share their grievances. As part of the Hath Se Hath Jodo Yatra, Bhatti Vikramarka, who was on foot in Indravelli Mandala, explained the problems of drinking water to Snapur villagers. They showed him the problems they were going through as a question. They explained that we are still drinking bitter well water and they have brought safe fresh water to us. He explained to Bhatti that they are taking water from a bitter well and drinking it in a bucket. , forgot the connection
When Misha asked the people of Bhatti Vikramarka whether there are tanks of Geera.. Old The tanks were colored and the bills were collected, but the local people were angry that they did not give them any cash. Congress party will come to power in few months. Bhatti Vikramarka assured them that your problems will be solved on arrival. People who are putting pressure on Bhatti Vikramarka
– People who want to come into houses and see our problems Indra Velli Manda met with the tribals in Pitta Bongaram village. The adivasis of Pitta Bongaram village brought pressure by saying that the people who surrounded him come to our village and see our welfare. According to the wish of the villagers of Pitta Bongaram, CLP leader Bhatti went to their village and went from house to house to know their problems. He met the locals in Raana and sat on the ground and talked to them. During this meeting, the villagers said.. We have not got jobs.. We do not have water.. We do not even have houses. In the next six months, the government will be formed under the leadership of the Congress party. Then you are assured that all your wishes will be resolved. Mark, look, this is our house. Double bedroom houses will be given.. Indira Mama houses which are given by congressionals at least in loan have been removed. To stay.. Finally, the wall fell in front of the sale mark as if the house was not ready for the mother and child. Rukmabai. Aveda expressed that no help is being provided even from ITDA. CLP leader Bhatti Vikra Marka, who married Rukmabai Aveda. He said that it will be good for everyone that the Congress Party will come to power.

Bhatti Vikramarka visited Nagoba
Bhatti Vikramarka visited Nagoba in Keslapur of Indrawelli mandal of Adilabad district and received blessings. Keslapur Sarpanch Mesram Renuka – Nagnath welcomed Bhatti Vikramarka who came as Padayatra and felicitated him with a shawl. The priest of Nagoba temple blessed that Bhatti who is doing padayatra will always have the blessings of Nagoba. 

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