Bandi Sanjay: We will give tickets only to them in BJP and keep them in the assembly ring – Bandi Sanjay

Bandi Sanjay: We will give tickets only to them in BJP and keep them in the assembly ring – Bandi Sanjay

Telangana BJP Chief Bandi Sanjay: Leaders who regularly go around the people and meet voters will get a chance to contest elections Telangana BJP president Bandi Sanjay made key remarks. Speaking at the BJP state executive committee meeting which started on Monday under the chairmanship of Bandi Sanjay in Champapet, Hyderabad, he announced that after conducting several surveys, tickets will be given in the next assembly elections based on the reports. People believe that BJP is the only alternative to BRS. Bandi Sanjay commented that four of the five MLAs in the Congress are looking in four directions and playing four pillars… but Okayana is standing in the square and not knowing what to do.  He said that a double engine government should come in Telangana, only then all central and welfare schemes will be implemented in the state. He accused Mission Bhagiratha as a big scam. 

Bandi Sanjay said.. ‘KCR can’t bear it if the BJP condemns the irregularities, corruption and failures of the KCR government. KCR, who once glorified Modi as a universal guru and an honest man, is now calling him corrupt and a monster. He is going around the country distributing money to defeat BJP. I have never seen KCR as an exponent of faith in my political career. KCR is such a betrayer of trust that he cheated JDS in the previous Karnataka elections.. Sushma Swaraj, who stood for Telangana from the beginning and got the parliament bill passed, was insulted by calling her Telangana Chinnamma. ="TDP" href="" data-type="interlinkingkeywords">Alliance with TDP and then come out and cheat that party. Nore, who in 2004 cursed the communist parties as tail parties and needle-throwing parties… now he is going around using the communist parties for his own needs. Until the election

BJP graph increasing since 2018
‘BJP is agitating without fear of lathis and without fear of cases. BJP is going to jails. All the people are under the impression that it is the BJP that will beat KCR. They do not believe that good will happen only when BJP comes to power. Since 2018, BJP’s graph has been increasing. That is why they have been supporting BJP for the last three years no matter what elections are held. Starting from Dubbaka by-election… to GHMC, Huzurabad, Munugodu and Teacher MLC elections, people stood with BJP.  Congress party which did not get any deposits in the results of the elections should think how it is being replaced in the state’ Bandi Sanjay said.
KCR, who is bent on damaging BJP, is conspiring with Congress, MIM and a section of media. After the results of the Karnataka elections, the BJP is spreading the word that it has lost in Telangana. A section of the media started complaining that all the leaders who joined the BJP are joining the Congress.. What is the relationship between the results of Karnataka and Telangana? Political analysts and journalists should think why BJP will be weakened here if it loses there. He asked that the results of the by-elections of the Legislative Assembly and local bodies should be compared and the facts should be brought before the public.

KCR giving election funds to Congress candidates in places where they cannot win
‘KCR is conducting surveys from time to time. As it became clear that the party will not get power on its own, he is providing election funding to Congress candidates in the name of pocket money in the next election. Because if Congress candidates win, they all want to share power with BRS.  BJP will contest as a single. Majority will prevail. No doubt. Raogopala Rao, Kaikala Satyanarayana and Allu Ramalingaiah are the memorable villains in the movies.  In the state
KCR is the main villain but Congress and MIM parties Satyanarayana, Allu Ramalingaiah and Kaikala Satyanarayana are the other villains. Controversial comments were made by calling the communists a type of bullies. All of them are blocking like villains..BJP is fighting to save the people by fighting heroically. He said that the people also understood that no matter how many conspiracies anyone makes, BJP cannot do anything. Bandi Sanjay.

Congratulations to all the leaders and workers who are working hard to bring BJP to power in Telangana. We are holding state working group meetings with the intention of including the programs undertaken by the central government in 9 years from village to village. From 30th of this month to 30th June, we have created an activity to take central schemes to the people under the name of Maha Jana Sampark Abhiyan. Although Narendra Modi government is working hard for the development of Telangana along with the country, due to the stupidity of KCR government, the development is not happening at the expected level. We have taken the programs undertaken by the center and the funds given to the people through Praja Sangrama Yatra – Bandi Sanjay

People’s attitude towards BJP
But there is only one thing that makes me sad… farmers, unemployed, students, Four crore people of Telangana including SC, ST and BC are suffering. They do not want KCR’s rule to break. They are all looking forward to BJP. BJP fights like a single lion. comes to power.

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