Bandi Sanjay ready for legal fight on Warangal CP Ranganath!

Bandi Sanjay is getting ready to file a defamation suit against Warangal CP Ranganath in the paper leakage case. Tenth Class Hindi Paper‌ Bandi Sanjay said that CP Ranganath made  baseless allegations against him as an MP in the matter of leakage. His close friends say that he will go to court.  

tent‌ Telangana BJP President Bandi Sanjay of Kamalapuram Police to appear for investigation in paper leakage case Reply was given. The Kamalapuram police have given notices to come for the investigation today to give more details of the investigation in this case. Called to come for inquiry with  phone‌ But Bandi Sanjay said that his  phone was lost and hence he could not attend the hearing. He said not to call for inquiry until his phone is found. He told the police that it is not appropriate to make baseless allegations against him as an MP. 

On the other hand, Warangal said that baseless allegations were made against him in this case‌ Bandi Sanjay on CP Ranganath Prepared for fight. A defamation suit was filed against him in the court. Ranganath‌ Bandi is not going to let go of the issue so easily…  It seems that he is ready for a direct war against him. It seems that a big report has been prepared on him. Close people say that they will also report to the Parliament’s Privileges Committee. 

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