Bandi Sanjay On BRS Govt: Dharani portal is open to the people, open at midnight and land is being stolen – Bandi Sanjay

Bandi Sanjay On BRS Govt: BJP state president Bandi Sanjay Kumar commented that Dharani portal has become a trap for the people of the state. The leaders of the ruling party, with the support of some officials, have been accused of opening the Dharani portal in the middle of the night and converting the government and poor people’s lands in their favour. Bandi Sanjay, who came to Tirumalagiri in Tungathurthi constituency on Sunday, along with former MP Boora Narsaiah Goud and former MLA Sankineni Venkateshwar Rao, visited Hyderabad central zone president of the party, Gautam Rao, who recently suffered from the bereavement of his mother. Later he spoke to the media.  He said that he is going to hold a Diksha at the BJP state office on Monday from 12 noon to 4 pm to protest the Telangana government’s failure to maintain peace and security, rape and atrocities against women. No matter which district I go to, the poor are asking for houses. He said that although the central government has sanctioned 2.4 lakh houses, the KCR government has not given a single house to the poor, and the state government has not responded even though the central government has written a letter on this. ;

 "If CM KCR is really sincere, how many applications have been received regarding double bedroom houses? How many beneficiaries were given houses? How many houses sanctioned by central government? A white paper should be released on the details. The double bedroom houses built here and there by the state government are in danger of collapsing before the house can be opened. Cracks are visible everywhere. KCR did not give a single house to the poor but he himself built Pragati Bhavan with 100 rooms. Farmers are struggling as loan waiver is not implemented. Farmers are paying usury.  In Suryapet district, there is no action in spite of the big Kumbh angle happening in IKP centers. The Aquarius angle of Rs.20 crores has come out.  The KCR government, which said that we will buy every grain that is grown, has missed its word. For every seed harvested, the center is the center.  Dharani is the biggest problem in the district. The Dharani portal is opened in the middle of the night and the ruling party leaders are changing it in their favor. It is not known whether the lands of the poor are in their names. Loans are not coming. Dharani has become a symbol of Telangana people." – Bandi Sanjay  

  Bandi Sanjay alleged that the history of forgery signed by KCR is that the prices of petrol and diesel in the country are high only in Telangana. He criticized that the current charges, RTC charges, registration charges and Nalla charges have been increased 9 times and are wasting the people’s money.  They are protesting against the increase in gas prices without shame. It is said that the prices of liquor have also been greatly increased and Rs. 40 thousand crores are being stolen every year. He said that KCR’s child is doing liquor danda like caste professions. All this is alleged to be open to new conspiracies. The Modi government has made it clear that there is no intention of leaving anyone in the liquor trap. The state government has failed to provide the 2 lakh houses given to the people under the Awas Yojana by the central government. It is alleged that the poor quality double bed room houses are collapsing before the opening.  He said that it was the BRS government that showed a stubborn hand to the farmers by saying that they would waive off their loans. They objected that KCR is a traitor of farmers and poor.  Wherever you go in the state, you hear 3 problems…double bedroom, dharani, loan waiver problems. Dharani portal will open after 1 pm. He criticized that the state government was completely dependent on the sale of liquor.  KCR’s daughter also depended on liquor business. KCR objected that Delhi Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia was talking about arrest only to save his daughter from liquor scam. He said Kavita’s name appeared four times in the liquor scam charge sheet. Bandi Sanjay alleged that KCR has a history of forging signatures even when he was a member of Parliament.  

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