Asifabad News: Student dies of heart attack on birthday – Parents cut cake with dead body

Asifabad News: Student dies of heart attack on birthday – Parents cut cake with dead body

Asifabad News: In recent times, regardless of age, young children to 30-year-olds are dying due to heart attacks. Videos of him collapsing on the spot while dancing or chatting with friends in college have gone viral. Once upon a time, people over the age of fifty were more prone to heart attacks and other heart related ailments. But now the youth are also at risk of heart disease. They are losing their lives while walking and working everywhere. Recently he suffered a heart attack in class 10 and died while receiving treatment in the hospital. 

What actually happened..?

CH Sachin (16), a class 10 student of Babapur village in Asifabad mandal of Asifabad district, Kumaram Bhim, recently suffered a heart attack. . Suddenly he felt a pain in his chest and fell down. His parents immediately took him to the government hospital in Mancharya. He died on Friday while undergoing treatment. Today is the birthday of deceased Sachin. The parents who could not digest the death of their son on his birthday are weeping.

The birthday celebrations were held at the dead body. The cake was cut with the dead body. Later, the funeral was held. This incident has brought tears to the eyes of all the locals. But the parents who want to celebrate their last birthday out of love for their son cut a cake with the dead body.  

Why does heart attack occur?

The main reason for heart attack is blockage of blood flow in the blood vessels. If there is formation and accumulation of cholesterol in the blood vessels   the heart is not properly supplied with blood. This causes a heart attack. More than 17 million people die every year due to heart disease in the world. One fifth of these deaths occur in our country. Cardiovascular diseases are of many types such as high blood pressure, arrhythmias, coronary artery disease and other diseases that cause problems in the blood vessels. However, what eventually happens is a heart attack. But before a heart attack occurs, there are some early symptoms. These are easily taken by many. 

Visible symptoms

1. Chest pain comes and goes. 
2. Breathing does not work properly.
3. Arm or shoulder pain is bothersome.
4. Feeling weak.

 These symptoms may occur weeks or days before a heart attack. In some cases, they may appear hours earlier. A stiff neck, shoulder pain, indigestion, fatigue, cold sweats are also early signs of a heart attack. Also, mental anxiety, thoughts of doom, heart palpitations, and shortness of breath are also symptoms that should be taken seriously. Most of the people take it easy as everything mentioned here comes and goes for a while in days. Even if these appear for a few minutes or seconds, it is important to discuss the condition with a cardiologist.

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