Ashada Masam Bonalu: Hyderabad Bonala festival set to begin – Tholibonam on June 22 at Golconda

Ashada Masam Bonalu: Hyderabad Bonala festival set to begin – Tholibonam on June 22 at Golconda

Ashada Masam Bonalu: Ashada Masam Bonalu festival is going to start from 22nd June in Hyderabad. The month-long bonama fair is going to start with the first bonam being taken from Ellamma in Golconda fort. In this regard, a high-level meeting on the arrangements was held at Harita Plaza in Begumpet under the chairmanship of Minister Talasani Srinivas Yadav on Friday. In this meeting, the Minister made several suggestions to the officials regarding the arrangements for the Bonala fair. While Ashad Bonal will start in Golconda on 22nd June, Secunderabad Mahankali Bonal will be held on 9th July and Rangam will be on the next day i.e. 10th July. Minister Srinivas Yadav said that it will be held under the auspices of Old City Bonal on the 16th and the joint temples on the 17th. He said that the state government has shown the uniqueness of Bonala which is a symbol of Telangana culture. A review was conducted with the officials on the management of bonas. It is advised to take steps to avoid any trouble to the devotees. 

Speciality of Bonala chatela

It is advised to take steps to avoid any trouble to the devotees. It is known that after the formation of a separate state of Telangana, the government is giving high priority to bonas. Bonala festivals are being held grandly. Bonam has a special place in Telangana culture. The tradition of raising Bonam to worship the gods is present all over Telangana. Bonas are held in the name of various deities like Mahankali Bonas, Ellamma Bonas, Pochamma Bonas. In the same manner, Lashkar bonas are held in Hyderabad every year. During these bonas, the bona fair is held in grandeur. In the wake of the festival, devotees flock to Ujjain Mahankali temple in Secunderabad from early morning. Bonala Jatha is a feast for the eyes with Bonamette women, Shivasattula Poonakas and Poturaju dances. It is known that last year Ujjain Mahankali Bonala was held on July 17th. Minister Thalasani Srinivas Yadav’s family offered the first bonam to Goddess Mahankali and paid prayers. On this occasion, Thalasani’s family performed special pooja. He said that the Bonala festival will be held in a grand manner, apart from politics.

Rangam as a special attraction

Rangam program stands as a special attraction in Bonala celebrations. On the day after Bona, there is a rangam program at Ujjain’s Mahankali temple. A woman called Swarnalata is worshiped by Amma. Devotees feel that the words coming from her mouth are spoken by the goddess herself. Rangani devotees listen with the same devotion as offering bonam to the goddess. During the last bona, the field expressed anger. Amma expressed indignation that the pujas were being done with pleasure. He says that he is not doing the pooja for his own sake, except for their happiness. It is said that puja should be performed scientifically in the sanctum sanctorum. 

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