A prestigious award for the Hyderabad Water Board, Asia’s largest plant is located here

A prestigious award for the Hyderabad Water Board, Asia’s largest plant is located here

Hyderabad Sewage Treatment: Hyderabad Jalmandal has received a prestigious award. Renowned magazine Water Digest gave awards in 65 categories. Jalmandali bagged the Best STP Award for 2022-23 in the Government Sector. Sridhar Babu, project director of Jal Mandali, received this award from the hands of Union Water Power Minister Gajendra Singh Shekawat. Union Minister Gajendra Singh Shekawat praised the efforts of Greater Hyderabad Water Board. Jalmandali MD Danakishore said that we are working with the aim of treating 100% of the sewage coming out of Hyderabad. Besides providing clean drinking water to everyone in the city, the Telangana government is working sincerely to treat the generated sewage, Jalmandali MD Danakishore said. Minister

Union Minister Gajendrasig Shekawat praised that Hyderabad is working as a city that treats 100% sewage water in the country. He reminded that it is the responsibility of every citizen to protect water resources. Union Minister Gajendra Singh reminded everyone that it is their responsibility to protect water resources.

In India  Telangana government has sanctioned 62 STPs in Hyderabad city under Sewerage Master Plan at a cost of Rs.3866 crores for the first time for 100% sewage treatment. At present 1650 million liters of sewage is produced daily under the GHMC. In this, 772 million gallons of sewage is being purified scientifically through 25 STPs. The ground water is not being polluted and is being released into the Musi. Still 878 MLDs of sewage needs to be treated. For this, the government has undertaken the construction of 31 new STPs in 2022 in the first phase. At present, the construction work of the respective plants is going on at a fast pace. Their work will be completed in a few months. Thus, 100% of the waste water generated within the GHMC can be treated. As a result, Hyderabad is going to become the city with 100% sewage treatment in the country. >STP:

Amber Pate STP is famous as Asia’s largest sewage treatment plant. Sewage from the Kukat Palli canal joins many canals in different parts of the city and reaches Amber Pet. The plant constructed there will treat 339 million gallons of drainage per day. There the purified water is mixed into the mousse. /strong>Usage:

Through the method of circular economy, treated sewage is used for planting trees in parks and constructions in the public sector. Many software companies are using purified water through STPs for growing plants in their office premises and for other purposes. Left in the water  Solid materials are used for biogas production.

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