2023 Monsoon: When will the monsoon enter Kerala, a bit late in the country?

2023 Monsoon: When will the monsoon enter Kerala, a bit late in the country?

2023 Monsoon: The India Meteorological Department has predicted that the monsoon will enter the country a bit late this year. It said that normal rainfall will be recorded this year. It said that they do not expect monsoon to enter the country on June 1. Indian Metrological Department ‌ment‌ – IMD revealed. The IMD has predicted that northwest India will receive below normal rainfall this year. The Meteorological Department has made it clear that there is no chance of a storm in the Arabian Sea in the next week. It has been revealed that weather imbalances in Western countries are the reason for raining in advance of North Monsoon. That’s why Delhi and surrounding cities are getting some relief. If the entire country receives uniform rainfall and favorable conditions then there will be no problem. There will be no adverse impact on agriculture,’ said the IMD. 

Generally, the southwest monsoon enters Kerala in a period of 7 days from 1st June. Monsoon entered Kerala on May 29 last year. The India Meteorological Department has predicted that Monsoon will enter Kerala on May 27, 2022. But it arrived in the country with a delay of two days. The Meteorological Department has said that it has been making accurate predictions about monsoons for the last 18 years. In 2015, however, they said that they lost their count. Meanwhile, the IMD has said that since 2005, it has been predicting the arrival of monsoons in Kerala.. and giving their details.

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A bit late.. 

Southwest Monsoon is usually in June. They come into Kerala as early as 1. However, this year four days late June‌ It was revealed in a statement on Tuesday (May 16) that it is possible to enter on 4th. Last year they hit the state of Kerala on May 29. 2021 in June‌ 3, 2020 in June‌ Entered on 1 Officials say that compared to these, this year is a bit late.

This year L‌ It is known that the impact of El Nino will be predicted many months ago by private weather organizations including meteorologists. It is known that the Indian Meteorological Department announced last month that the rainfall in our country will be normal this time. However, rainfall in India is mainly due to monsoons. These rains are the main basis for the agriculture sector of the country. About 52 percent of the cultivated area is dependent on monsoon rains. It accounts for 40 percent of the country’s total food production. Thus, monsoons are crucial for our country’s food security and economic stability.

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