Your smartphone will explode like a bomb! Don’t forget to make these 3 mistakes, tie the knot today

New Delhi. The heat has become so much that not only the people but also the devices have become troubled. The heat this year has been so hot that some smartphones reportedly could not withstand it and got affected. There have been many such reports that there has been an explosion in smartphones due to the Heave Web. Such incidents are happening a lot, so people need to be more careful. Today we are giving you some such tips that can save your phone from exploding.

1. As we told you that many phones are getting damaged or exploded due to heat web. You can avoid this trouble. You just have to take care that you do not keep your phone in direct sunlight. This may cause the phone to overheat. Due to overheating, the phone is more likely to explode. So avoid keeping the phone in direct charging.

By the way, you must have heard about this tip that the phone should not be charged overnight. You probably don’t know why it shouldn’t charge. Charging the phone all night can overheat the phone. One is that the weather is so hot and heating up the phone by charging it overnight can damage the device. By the way, there is a technology in today’s phones that autocuts the phone when it is fully charged. But there is no such facility in old phones. So avoid charging the phone overnight.

3. You know about overnight charging. Do you know that if you overload the phone’s processor, then your device can explode like a bomb. Yes, this sounds very strange to hear. But it is so. The phone should be given as much load as it can bear. Because too much of anything is bad. Just like a person needs rest after working whole day. In the same way, the device also needs rest.

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