Your iPhone can tell by speaking what is written on the screen, this is how this feature will be turned on

Your iPhone can tell by speaking what is written on the screen, this is how this feature will be turned on

How to turn on Speak Screen in iPhone:Apple released IOS 16 update for iPhone users last year in which the company added many new features. In iOS 16, users get the feature of speak screen, under which whatever is written on the screen of the mobile phone, the iPhone will tell by speaking. If users want, they can choose the option of reading the selected text or the entire screen. Apart from this, in the latest update of iOS 16, the iPhone can also tell users feedback and text prediction by speaking. Also, if users want, they can also change the voice of the iPhone. Know how to use this feature and how you will be able to turn it on. 

Choose an option from here 

According to the Apple Support page, first you have to go to the iPhone’s Settings option and go to Accessibility and then click on Spoken content. Now here you have to choose any one of the given option.

 -Speak selection- If you want the text that you have selected to be heard only, then for this you have to click on this option. 
-If you want the whole screen to be heard. So you have to choose the option of speak screen for this. To access it, you need to scroll down with 2 fingers from the top of the screen. By doing this, your iPhone will start reading the screen. Apart from this, you will get 2 more options here, one of which will be a speak controller and the other will be a speak highlighter. 
-Typing Feedback- You can also choose this option if you want. Under this, when you type a word or sentence, your iPhone will help you in spelling and auto-correction of the word. To listen to the typing prediction, you have to turn on the predictive option by going to the General and keyboard option inside the setting.  (You will get this feature in the latest iOS 16 update)
-You can also change the voice and increase or decrease the speaking rate.

How to use the feature

-Once the setting is on, you can listen to the screen with the help of Siri. Or you can also listen to the entire screen using the Gestures mentioned above.
– If you want to know the prediction during typing, then for this you have to long press the word and then your iPhone will correct that word. Will tell spelling or prediction. 

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