You must know these things while using a computer, otherwise the system will soon become a box.

You must know these things while using a computer, otherwise the system will soon become a box.

Computer and Laptop Care: Today our dependence on gadgets has increased. Be it studying in school, work in office or entertainment at home, today everything is done through different gadgets. Laptop and desktop have become an important part of everyone’s life today. Especially for the people working in the corporate, it is equal to their livelihood.

All of you must be doing different work on laptop or desktop every day. Today, through this article, we are going to tell you some such things that your laptop or desktop wants you to know. That is, for the laptop and desktop to be in good health and to work without interruption for a long time, you should take care of some important things. 

You can become a smart user

Today’s era is not of hard work but of smart work. By doing smart work, people have flopped the idea of ​​hard work. Today you should become a smart user even while running laptop and desktop. This is because if you are a smart user, then you will be able to take care of your laptop and desktop in a better way.

-Even though the word ‘lap’ is used in the laptop, but never use it with your thighs, pillow & nbsp; or by placing it on a soft surface because doing so stops the air flow, which causes heat in the laptop and Then it starts working slowly. Sometimes when they get overheated, they can explode.

-Never keep your laptop and desktop connected to a direct socket. This is because when there is power up-down then your laptop can be affected badly. So try to always connect your laptop to socket through Surge Protector. 

– After the work is done on laptop or desktop, do shutdown them. If you keep it in slip mode, it consumes battery continuously and this reduces battery life.

-Heat and humidity is bad for laptop or desktop so protect your system from all this. Do not work on the laptop even by placing it in front of a cooler as this may allow air to enter the laptop and damage the components.

-Overheating in laptop or desktop is due to the dirt present inside it which keeps on accumulating continuously. That’s why always clean your laptop after 6 to 8 months. You can clean a laptop using a compressed air can

This work is necessary to increase battery health

– To increase the battery life of the laptop, keep the brightness low, when Bluetooth-WiFi is not needed, keep it closed as well.  

– Some people keep many antivirus programs installed in it to protect the system from viruses, which is useless. You only need one antivirus to protect the system, so avoid unnecessary expenses and keep the system healthy. Too much software takes up storage in the system. 

– Continuous on-off of laptop or desktop also reduces many of its problems. By doing this the software works properly and error codes are also fixed.

-Always keep 15 to 20 percent capacity empty of your hard drive. That is, do not keep it full because it slows down the system. You can shift your data with the help of external drives.

-Laptop-desktop starts hanging even after opening many tabs at once, so you should do the tabs according to the need and close them immediately after the work is done. If you want to work on a fast and non-hanging laptop, then your laptop should have at least 8GB of RAM capacity. 

-Many times coffee or tea spills while working in laptop at home or office. In such a situation, people start panicking, due to which the risk of short circuit can increase. So always in such a situation first turn off the button from the socket and immediately switch off the laptop. If the laptop battery can be removed, then do this work yourself, otherwise go to a professional. People don’t turn off the switch by panicking and that’s where the mess starts.

– In this digital age everyone feels that they can be a victim of hacking (Paranoia). In such a situation, many people keep their webcam covered. This is also a good way because when you do not need it, it does not collect dust on the webcam and you also avoid hacking or scammers. These days people work on many websites and apps throughout the day, which increases the chances of hacking.

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