You can find out whether your Gmail account is hacked or not in 2 minutes, here’s the process

You can find out whether your Gmail account is hacked or not in 2 minutes, here’s the process

After the arrival of instant messaging apps, the use of Gmail has decreased. Despite this, it is still used for corporate and government work. Be it electricity bill, any bank transaction, children’s fees paid or anything else, everyone’s alert comes on Gmail account. We usually keep the Gmail account logged in on the mobile. Many of our accounts are also linked to Gmail. These days people keep so many passwords in sync with their Gmail account. In such a situation, if your Gmail account gets hacked by mistake, then you may be in trouble. Along with Gmail account, you can have many accounts hacked because you have synced them.

Today, through this article, we will tell you how you can check whether your Gmail account has been hacked or not or whether it is open in another device or not. Many times you log-in your account on other device even due to work and then forget to log-out it. Especially when you use a public system, the risk increases there.

How to check if account is hacked

First of all, you have to go to your Gmail account and check that on how many devices you have opened your account. After this, you go to Google account and select the security option in the navigation panel. Here you will see the option of ‘Manage Device’, on entering which you will be able to see on how many devices your account is open and at what time which device is active.

If any device appears here which is unknown or you do not know it, then immediately remove your account log-in from it because it is possible that someone else is accessing your account and all your details are under your nose. gathering information. If you log out of the device immediately, your account can be protected from hacking and your personal information will not be leaked. We recommend that you always open your account on a trusted device and review your account periodically.

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