You can also breathe from this part of your body, knowing that your eyes will remain open

New Study: Various types of discoveries are made by scientists. A recent discovery has revealed such facts, which may surprise you. Or rather say that you may not even agree to accept him. In this study, a team of scientists has discovered that it is possible to breathe through the anus. Don’t read back. What has been read has been read correctly. It has been claimed in this study that this discovery will be useful in saving human lives in future.

Science Direct, citing a research published in MED, said that it is possible to breathe through the anus. A group of scientists conducted several experiments on tortoises, pigs and rats. In these experiments, the intestines of animals were cleaned to thin the mucosal lining. This caused less obstruction in the flow of blood. Now these animals were kept in a room where there was no oxygen. Turtles have such a layer, through which they are able to breathe through their anus. Because of this they are able to survive in winter. 

According to the report, “animals that were stopped from breathing and their intestines were deprived of ventilation, those animals died after about 11 minutes. There itself, "Animals that received ventilation without cleaning their intestines lived for about 18 minutes."

Now it turns out that some oxygen was rising up from that place.

According to the reports, "Animals whose intestines were cleaned and oxygenated under pressure lived for an hour. This number is 75% of animals."

Now this proves that rats and pigs are able to breathe through the intestines under the right conditions.

Researchers believe that other mammals, such as humans, can also survive by essential breathing through their anus. But for that it is necessary to clean the intestines, which is not possible at the moment. As such, for the time being, the least dangerous methods are being adopted to achieve better results, such as the use of oxygenated liquids such as perfluorocarbons.

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