Xiaomi launches humanoid robot, understanding human emotions will cause havoc?

Xiaomi CyberOne Robot Launched: Xiaomi has launched its first humanoid robot CyberOne. This robot works like humans. Human-like abilities have been given in this robot. The most important thing is that this robot is capable of understanding human emotions; This robot will be able to understand the emotions like sadness, anger, happiness etc. For this reason it is being seen as a big revolution.

A warning has been received regarding AI 

Robot Features 

CyberOne is 177cm tall and weighs 52kg. Its arm span is 168cm. This robot is capable of lifting a load of up to 1.5 kg. Xiaomi has said that CyberOne is capable of understanding 3D space. This robot can recognize people, their gestures. AI-powered in "Semantics Recognition Engine" together with "Vocal Emotion Identification Engine" Also given, which means it can recognize 85 types of environmental sounds and 45 classifications of human emotions. Xiaomi says that this robot can bring comfort to humans in times of sorrow.

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