Without net and sim, you can make free calls for life, how?

Without net and sim, you can make free calls for life, how?

Make Free Call Without Internet or Recharge: As you must have understood by reading the heading that today we are going to tell you about how you can talk to each other on the phone without recharge and internet Can. You might not believe this on reading but it is absolutely true. Actually, for this you have to download an application from Play Store. The name of the application is Bluetooth Walkie Talkie & Chat. With the help of this application you can call or chat with each other for free for lifetime.

How does communication happen without net and sim

First of all you have to install this application once from Google Play Store. After installing, you have to connect another device with the help of Bluetooth. Note, the person you want to talk to should also have this application on his mobile phone and the Bluetooth of the phone should also be on. After Bluetooth is connected, you can talk to each other for free as much as you want. The range of this app is said to be around 100 meters. That is, if you live in the same building or work in the same office, then you can talk to each other for free for life. More than one lakh people have downloaded this application on Google Play Store and it has got a rating of 3.2. In simple language, the way  walkie-talkie can talk in the surrounding, you can do the same through this app.

If you want, you can connect any number of devices to this app. It is necessary to have the application in the mobile phone to connect. Once you connect a device, you have to turn on WiFi & Refresh to make calls again. As soon as you do this, you will see the complete list of already paired Bluetooth devices, on which Bluetooth device you tap, the phone will start and during this time yellow color will appear on the screen. As soon as the person in front receives the phone, this yellow color will change to green. The facility of speaker and mute button has also been provided in the app.

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