Why does it happen that the mobile battery gets down quickly while traveling in the train? What is the reason for this?

Travel Tips: In today’s time, whenever you want to go on a trip outside, earphones, mobile phones and internet have become one of the most important things in it. Especially if you are traveling alone. In such a situation, it becomes necessary to keep the phone charged while traveling. While traveling, you must have noticed one thing that during the journey, the mobile battery runs out quickly, whether you are traveling by train or by bus or by car. This happens mostly in long journeys. But, have you ever wondered why mobile battery gets drained quickly while traveling by train or bus? Let us know what is the reason behind this.

Varies with network provider

While traveling, the mobile battery drains quickly and this happens because of the network and data provider. Whenever you are traveling for a long time, whether you are traveling by train, bus or car, during that time the network available to our phone keeps on changing again and again. In traveling, our phone changes the network again and again and searches the nearby networks and takes network from the same. But this network found in the journey remains close for some time, because we move forward while traveling and our phone keeps changing such networks again and again which consumes more battery.

Internet and GPS

Everyone uses the phone during the journey. Seeing the same old things stored in the phone can spoil the fun of the journey, so it is also necessary to have internet to see something new. But, you must have noticed that if you are using the internet while traveling, then the phone’s battery drains more quickly, because in such a situation the phone has to keep changing the data provider again and again. Similarly, even using GPS, the battery of the phone runs out quickly. This is the reason why our smartphone battery gets drained quickly during long journeys by bus or train etc.

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