Which video did you watch on YouTube… no one will know! Just do this thing…

Which video did you watch on YouTube… no one will know!  Just do this thing…

Youtube Incognito Mode: If you have to do some secret search on the browser, whose history is not saved, then you use Incognito Mode. The special thing about Incognito mode is that history is not saved in it. You must have seen many news of searching in Incognito mode in Google Chrome, but do you know that not only browser but also you can use Incognito mode in YouTube. The history of videos viewed in incognito mode on YouTube will not be saved and will remain secret. In this news, we are telling you the process of using YouTube Incognito mode.

How to watch YouTube videos in incognito mode?

To watch videos in Incognito Mode in Youtube, you have to turn on Incognito Mode in your device. To do this follow the process mentioned below.

  • First open YouTube in the device.
  • Then click on the three dots visible in the top-left corner.
  • You have to click on the Account section here
  • In the account section, you will see a Turn on Incognito option.
  • To turn on incognito mode, you have to toggle it on.
  • As soon as you turn on incognito mode, you will be taken to a different YouTube app which will be in incognito mode.

As soon as you do this, Incognito mode will open on YouTube in your device. Now whatever video you watch, it will remain absolutely secret and no one will see the search history of that video.

This is also special in Incognito mode

You must have noticed that when you watch a video on YouTube, you start getting shows in video suggestions related to the video you have watched. However, after watching videos in incognito mode, you will not see any suggestions on the normal YouTube page for videos that you have watched in incognito mode. 

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