Which Programming Language to Choose for a Start?

A career in the IT sector is among the most desirable in terms of salaries and self-satisfaction. IT developers earn good money for performing challenging tasks and creating fascinating digital projects. The programming languages that are used in the development process differ in their learning curve, sphere of application, frequency of usage, and general popularity in the IT market. There are many ratings of the most popular and in-demand languages on the Internet. Based on those lists and recent surveys, for example the one on Stack Overflow, we have compiled a list of the top programming languages that will stay in demand for a couple of years. So, if you are choosing which one to dive into right now, consider one from the list as an option.

Before moving on, let’s figure out the general purposes of the most popular languages existing today. The recipe for successful learning is universal: you need to know your aims and incentives not to be wasted on several options without gaining any visible benefits.

The choice of which language to start learning depends on several factors:

  • The salary level. If your main trigger is a high salary, consider Java. It is currently among the best-paid languages.
  • Fast career start. Java and JavaScript are in demand, so you are likely to find the first working place faster. Python is also good for beginners, as it provides a good initial knowledge platform for a further career and mastering skills.
  • Web development. If you imagine yourself developing interactive and user-friendly sites, JavaScript will come in handy for you.
  • Mobile development. Here, the choice depends on the preferred operational system. Android apps are built on Java, Kotlin, and Swift, whereas Objective-C is the language for iOS.
  • Games development. In this domain, you will need to focus on Java, C#, and C++.
  • Web apps. JavaScript and Node.js.
  • Desktop applications. C# or Java will be useful to start your career in this sphere.

Therefore, it is essential to determine the goals. Another option is to select the most universal language. For example, it may be Java or JavaScript. When you start coding, you will understand what you want to do more precisely, and you may change your learning direction.

Here is a list of the most common programming languages that cater to modern development requirements.


Used for:

  • Back end development
  • Data science
  • App development

Python is a well-known general-purpose language focused on object-oriented and structured programming. Python is involved in the development of YouTube and Google search, as well as the creation and formation of artificial intelligence. The language is thought to be simple to learn and utilize. The Python Package Index includes a wide choice of additional tools, frameworks, and libraries, created and shared among the Python community. Python is an excellent first language to learn since it has a reasonably basic syntax, a simple command structure, and abundant documentation in any language.


Used for:

  • Web development
  • Mobile development

JavaScript is placed among the simplest programming languages. If you plan to plunge into web development, JS is for you. You start coding the moment you decide to learn it. With the help of JS in combination with CSS and HTML, interactive web pages are designed. The popularity of the language implies a vast community of enthusiasts and a wide choice of open-source solutions written in JS. Besides, there are many JS frameworks and libraries that offer turnkey elements and controls for your interface. Such sets of tools, as, for instance, the Webix UI library, not only facilitate the development process, but provide juniors with a perfect platform to train and practice their skills.


Used for:

  • App development

TypeScript is a syntactical superset of JavaScript. In contrast to JS, the code written in TypeScript is simpler, more reliable, and easier to test. TypeScript is used to create JavaScript-based projects both on the frontend and backend, which provides developers with fast bug detection and avoidance capabilities. Typescript has a very high position among the most wanted technologies, so we can be sure it will stay popular for quite some time.


Used for:

  • App development
  • Web development
  • Desktop development

Java programming language has achieved popularity due to its compatibility with different platforms, including huge databases and smartphones. Developers use Java while dealing with websites, applications, and big data projects. Google, Amazon, Twitter, and YouTube exploit Java on the backend. A vast community of Java developers around the world guarantees you will not be alone with your challenges while exploring the language. Compared to other languages on the list, Java appears to be more challenging. However, relevant experience of dealing with this language will be a great argument in favor of a preferable candidate.


Used for:

  • System programming
  • Big data

A very powerful top-tier programming language that will definitely bring a significant add-on to your salary. It is very functional and dynamic. Go is 100% compatible with cloud computing technology and containers. Developers often use Go for DevOps-related projects. Many large companies like Google, Dropbox, Uber, and Twitter use Go because of its simplicity and speed.


Thus, the choice of a language depends on the aims you set for your career. Learning a new programming language is a long and challenging process. However, it is also fascinating and exciting. When you are motivated and interested in the result, you are likely to be successful on a learning path to a brilliant career.