WhatsApp’s New Feature: WhatsApp calling notification will also be available on DND mode, know how it will work

WhatsApp Messanger: When you turn on the Do Not Disturb (DND) service on your mobile due to any meeting or important work, then the facility of incoming call messages on your mobile will be blocked. Goes so that you are not disturbed. But sometimes even the most important calls do not reach you. The new feature of WhatsApp can be used soon with this new change, so that contact can be made without disturbing even when necessary during DND. Let us give you some more important information related to this new feature. 

Notification will come like this

Notification Box

The notification of incoming call at the time of DND will come in the form of a box on WhatsApp. On which the time of the call will also be written along with the missed call. Although this is a small update of WhatsApp, but it is a very important feature especially for such people. Those who have to spend hours in a meeting and do not even know that someone is trying to contact them. Also, if a user checks the call log of WhatsApp by turning on DND mode, then he will get the details of the call there.

How long will this feature be available

It cannot be said right now, how long this feature will be available to the users for regular use. Users using the current Android WhatsApp version will be able to update this feature when it arrives. However, some users are claiming to have got this feature in the beta WhatsApp version on their Android smartphones.

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