WhatsApp users will have to pay, using the app will no longer be free!

WhatsApp users will have to pay, using the app will no longer be free!

WhatsApp: Now users may have to pay for WhatsApp service. Till now WhatsApp was free for all users, but now it will not happen because Meta is going to change the policy of WhatsApp. In which the company is going to bring a subscription plan for WhatsApp users, in which users will get the payment option to use WhatsApp. Also, these users will get many facilities from WhatsApp, in which you will get the opportunity to use WhatsApp without advertisements.

You may have to pay money

There is nothing to worry about for you at the moment, but it is certain that a subscription offer can be offered by WhatsApp in the coming days. This offer will be especially for those users who like to use WhatsApp without ads. By the way, when will the advertising service be launched in India? There is no information about this. But it may start from US and Canada.

Admitted to showing advertisements

WhatsApp head Cathcart has made it clear that advertisements will be shown in the app on behalf of WhatsApp. But he said that the ad will not be shown in the main inbox chat. According to the report, the advertisement will be shown in two sections of the app, but which two sections these will be, there is no information available at the moment. Earlier in September, Kath had rejected the news of advertisements being shown on WhatsApp.

Advertisements will look like this

If we talk about the new feature of WhatsApp, it will be like Instagram Stories and Facebook Stories. Meaning, just as ads appear in Instagram Stories and Facebook Stories, similarly ads will appear in WhatsApp too.

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