WhatsApp Trick: Now no one will be able to read your messages while chatting on the phone, put a ‘virtual curtain’ on the phone like this

How to Hide WhatsApp Message: Nowadays every hand has a smartphone and every smartphone has WhatsApp. WhatsApp is one of the most used apps in the world. Most of the people use it for most of the instant messaging. This app is used for everyone from personal chat to official chat. You will find people driving it at home, on the way and in public places, public transport too. But the biggest problem in public places comes with privacy. When you are chatting on this app, then people sitting next to you peep and read your chats. You can’t do anything even if you want to. But today we have come up with a tips from which you can avoid this situation.

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If you do not want people sitting next to you to read the chat on the screen of your phone, then you can put a curtain on your phone. This curtain will be virtual and its control will be in your hands. After applying it, the neighbors will not see what is the message on your screen. Now you have to download an app for this virtual screen. For this app go to play store and type MaskChat-Hides Chat app there. Download this app now. 

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works like this

When you open this app, you will see a floating mask icon on the screen. Turn it on whenever you feel the need to hide your screen from others. How big to keep the curtain, how transparent to keep it, it will be in your hands to set. 

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