Whatsapp has launched many new features, 32 people will be able to make video calls simultaneously

Whatsapp New Features: Earlier this year, Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced that WhatsApp is working on a new feature called Communities, which will allow people to connect to groups that are important to them on WhatsApp. Will help you connect. The purpose of this facility is to bring working people at one place. WhatsApp community will officially start for users from today. Along with Communities, WhatsApp is offering in-chat polls, video calling with up to 32-persons and the ability to add up to 1024 users to a group.

WhatsApp Community

Community on WhatsApp will help to connect different groups of people in one place. This will help people to send and receive any information or updates to the entire community. It will also help people in organizing group discussions on matters important to them.  To use the community feature, users need to tap on the new community tab at the top of the chat on Android and the new community tab at the bottom on iOS.

in-chat polls 

WhatsApp started testing the in-chat poll feature long before the feature was rolled out. As seen on the beta version, WhatsApp will let you create a question on an in-chat poll and allow you to add up to 12 possible answers in a separate screen within the app. WhatsApp has not yet revealed how this feature will appear. To get the latest features, you need to update your WhatsApp from Play Store or App Store.

Group of 1024 people and video call of 32 people at once

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