WhatsApp banned 23 lakh accounts, you can also improve after knowing the reason

WhatsApp Account Ban: WhatsApp has banned the WhatsApp accounts of millions of Indian users. WhatsApp has officially told that the instant messaging app has banned 2.3 million (23 lakh) Indian accounts in October 2022. WhatsApp has also told that out of these 23 lakh accounts, more than eight lakh accounts were pro-actively banned even before the reports of the users came. Let’s know about this in detail.

Reason for account block

According to WhatsApp spokesperson, on the basis of IT Rule 2021, they presented their User Safety Report for the month of October, 2022. In this report, the complaints of the users and the action taken by WhatsApp have been explained in detail. Along with this, WhatsApp has also given the details of its preventive action to protect WhatsApp from misuse. Explain that under the new IT Rules 2021, companies are required to submit compliance reports every month

Whatsapp received so many complaints

According to the report, WhatsApp received 701 complaints in the month of October in India. Of these, the company took action against 34 accounts. These accounts were banned after action. At the same time, some already banned accounts have also been restored. Out of the complaints received, some accounts were investigated and action was taken’ Found out of scope and spared. This is not the first time that WhatsApp has banned millions of Indian accounts. Even before this, WhatsApp had banned more than 26 lakh accounts in the country. 

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