What will you benefit and what will be the loss of 5G network? This whole news is to tell about this

What will you benefit and what will be the loss of 5G network?  This whole news is to tell about this

5G Service: 5G service has started in India. 5G 5th Next generation mobile network, which works on fast mobile broadband networks. It is a new global wireless standard after 1G, 2G, 3G and 4G networks.  With this a revolution has started in the field of telecommunication and technology. 5G service is working to provide uninterrupted coverage, high data rate, low latency and a highly reliable communication system. 5G creates such a network, so that almost all machines and devices can be connected together. 5G network can give users a speed experience of 20 GB per second. It is creating many opportunities for people, businesses and society. There are many advantages of 5G service, but there are some disadvantages as well. Let’s take a look at them.

Advantages of 5G networks

Internet speed has been 20 to 100 times faster (up to 1000mbps) with 5G network. Data upload and download from 5G network is being done at high speed. Due to this, many facilities are going to be available fast. The movie which is downloaded in 5-10 minutes from 4G can be downloaded in 5G in a few seconds. Along with high quality video from 5G, you can enjoy the game without any interruption. Often we see that the internet speed decreases when many users are connected simultaneously, but now it will not happen. Robots, drones and automatic vehicles will be easily operated by the high-speed 5G network.

Disadvantages of 5G networks

5G can become a threat to the privacy of internet users. According to the report of the Technical University of Berlin, hackers will be able to hack users’ data more quickly and easily, due to which there can be a rapid increase in online fraud. 5G network requires more bandwidth, for which more mobile towers will have to be installed. This will cost a lot. Due to the short weblength, densely populated cities can cover many people, but more It will not be easy for the companies to install the tower. In such a situation, fewer people in the villages will get the benefit of 5G. Due to 5G speed, most parts of the mobile will work, due to which the battery consumption in the mobile will be high. In such a situation, its direct effect will be on the battery life of the mobile and the battery life will decrease.

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