What kind of scam is this among Donald Trump’s Twitter followers? numbers visible somewhere

Donald Trump on Twitter: Former US President Donald Trump is back on Twitter with a blue tick. In such a situation, there is a continuous increase in the number of Twitter followers of Trump. Within minutes of Trump’s account being launched, he had more than 1 million followers. We noticed that this number was displayed differently on all devices. Many Twitter users are anticipating a disturbance in Trump’s Twitter followers regarding this. On the other hand, some people speculate that since Trump’s account has been restored, it has taken time for his old followers to come. Followers have slowly come back, due to which few numbers were visible on some devices.

Initially 2,000 followers

Donald Trump has returned to Twitter this morning. Initially, 2,000 followers of Trump were visible. After some time, Trump’s followers had reached lakhs. For information, let us tell you that Donald Trump was blocked by Twitter on 8 January 2021 after the US Capitol violence. When Trump’s account was banned, he had 2.3 lakh followers.

87.3 million visible Trump followers

Followers of former US President Donald Trump are appearing differently in different devices. Trump’s Twitter followers are 10 million (i.e. 10 million) in one device, 15.2 million (i.e. 1.52 million) in one device and 59.6 million (i.e. 59.6 million) in another device, now 87.3 million in another device is visible.

Question of Trump’s return to Musk

Donald Trump was banned from Twitter after the US Capitol violence. Elon Musk became the new boss of Twitter on 27 October 2022. Since then, Musk was being repeatedly asked when would Trump be back on Twitter? On November 1, Elon Musk answered this question and said that if I got a dollar for every time I asked this question, Twitter would have a lot of money today. With this statement, Musk was hinting that he has been asked this question many times.

Musk polls for Trump comeback

A day before Trump’s account was restored, Elon Musk created a poll to remove the ban on Donald Trump’s Twitter account. More than 15 million people voted in this poll, in which 51.8% voted yes to Trump’s return to Twitter, while 48.2%  % voted no.

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