What is Cache? When and why should it be cleared? do this in phone

What is Cache?  When and why should it be cleared?  do this in phone

Clear cache & Cookies: You all use the internet. Sometimes you must have heard or read the word Cache and Cookies on the Internet. Many times when you open a website, the message to accept cookies comes again and again. But do you know what are called Cache and Cookies? If you do not know about this, today we will tell you about it. 

What is Cache and Cookies

If we explain to you in a very colloquial language, then Cache is a place where the information about any website you visit is saved. That is, the website’s photo, video, text etc. things are saved in the Cache so that the next time you visit that website again, the page loads quickly and you do not have to face any problem. 

Cookies are those that remember your data. That is, your user ID, password and your browsing habits and preferences etc. Cookies remember your login credentials and help you work quickly so that you do not have to login again and again when you visit a website. By accepting cookies, the website knows your preferences and habits, and then on this basis you are shown ads etc.

When and why to clear Cache

If you do not delete the Cache from time to time, then it can slow down your device because the information of the website is constantly being collected through the Cache. Apart from this, attackers can also install malware in your device. If you are not able to login any website then understand that you need to delete Cache. By the way, there is no fixed time to delete Cache. According to you, you can delete the cache and cookies of the browser from time to time.

To do this work on mobile phone or browser, you have to go to the setting option and here you see this option under privacy and security. When you clear the Cache and Cookies, you will also see their file size, how much space they have occupied or how much data has been collected. 

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