WEAK Passwords: These weak passwords can be hacked in seconds! View full list

Tips For Strong Passwords: Creating a password set that is easy to remember is something most users do. But such passwords can cause problems for the users. Easy to remember passwords can be cracked by hackers in a matter of seconds. Shocking figures have come to the fore in NordPass’s research.  The use of weak passwords has increased the risk of hacking the online accounts of millions of internet users. Some of these are passwords so weak that they can be cracked in just a second!

large number of people "123456", "Qwerty" and even "password" For example, using passwords, which are more likely to be cracked. If you are using any of these weak passwords, you should change them now. Take a look at the weakest password list.

weakest password

  • 123456
  • 123456789
  • 12345
  • Qwerty
  • password
  • 12345678
  • < li>111111

  • 123123
  • 1234567890
  • 1234567

Not only these numeric passwords, but NordPass research has also revealed that people use their name as a code as well as their password. The word ‘dolphin’ ranks number one among animal passwords in many countries. 

Tips to make passwords strong and unique

  • A complex password is one that has at least 12 characters
  • Long passwords take longer to detect, this can deter hackers
  • Password upper and be in lowercase letters, numbers and symbols
  • Make sure you have a different password for different accounts
  • Most importantly, change your passwords every 90 days Keep changing

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