Voyager Space Craft: The power of this NASA craft, which has been sending data from space for about 45 years, is ending.

Voyager Space Craft : 45 years ago NASA sent two space craft to space, now their journey is going to end soon because the power of these space craft is slowly ending. Their name is Voyager space craft. These craft were installed in space 44.5 years ago today. At that time, NASA had sent 2 twin spacecraft and installed them in Earth orbit. Now both the spacecraft are going to be shut down due to power shortage. 

Ralph McNutt of John Hawking University says in the report, "It has been 44 and a half years since this thing. It has run 10 times more than the warranty of the vehicle we gave." 

NASA has told that Vehicle 1 of the Voyager space vehicle has run much beyond its life. NASA says that this is surprising, because for the number of years this vehicle has been able to run, no other space vehicle made by humans has run. But soon this vehicle will become history. Scientific American said in one of its reports that now the time has come for the vehicle’s journey to end and it will say goodbye soon. 

NASA has said that both these vehicles will be completely finished by 2025. However, their features are being reduced so that their life can be extended as much as possible. NASA said that the work that these space vehicles have done is still as important as it used to be. So the question does not arise that they will not be remembered. For information, let us tell you that the information received from Voyager has also been published in The Astrophysics Journal.

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