Use Smartphone in such a way that it does not cause headache, if you follow these tips you will always be tension free.

Use Smartphone in such a way that it does not cause headache, if you follow these tips you will always be tension free.

Smartphone Use: Smartphone use has become a part of everyday life. When you wake up in the morning, you connect with your family and friends through it. Be it office related e-mails or small tasks which users prefer to complete on their smartphones. In such a situation, it can be said that smartphones have greatly smoothened the office work and contact with family members in this busy life. But many times we make many mistakes while using smartphones, which are not only harmful for the device but can also cause financial loss. If you want to use your smartphone properly and do not want to suffer any kind of damage, then here we are telling you about some of the frequently made mistakes in smartphones. Knowing which you can be tension free.

Use your own smartphone charger  

Many times it is seen that when users do not have a charger for their smartphone, they charge their smartphone using someone else’s charger. Apart from this, when the charging cable gets damaged, they buy local charging cable and start using it. If you are also doing something similar then you should stop it immediately. Because excessive voltage reaching your smartphone through local charging cable or someone else’s charger can damage the battery. Also the battery or processor may explode.

Download Apps from Google Play Store 

Some users download third party apps on their smartphones. Due to which their smartphone may get attacked by malware and personal information may be stolen. If you download an app from Google Play Store or Play Store, then your device remains safe to a great extent. Let us tell you that apart from these two sources, if you download the app from any third place, important documents like banking details, passwords and personal photos can be stolen from your smartphone. Apart from this, cyber criminals can collect necessary information by hacking your camera and speaker.

Always keep Android OS and iOS updated 

Mobile companies always send notifications from time to time through over the air (OTA) to update the operating system running the smartphone. If you do not update your Android or iOS smartphone on time, you may suffer losses. Let us tell you that through updated OS, smartphone companies add new security features to keep the smartphone safe as per the need.

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