Update and Upgrade… are both the same or is there any difference between them? know here

We all use mobile phones, laptops or desktops etc. While using them, you must have heard 2 words associated with them, in which the first is update and the second is upgrade. Many people derive the meaning of these two words the same but it is not so. You must have noticed that when there is an update for any application in the mobile phone, the notification starts coming again and again. Same when it comes to the whole mobile phone, then the notifications of upgrade also start appearing. Know today what is the difference between update and upgrade.

What is an update?

 You must have seen in smartphone or laptop that with time many App updates start giving notifications. The option for update is also visible in Playstore. When you update an app or software, you start seeing some new features in the app. In the new update, you get good features, better security, solution to any bug related problem or some new options in the app. The update of the application does not make any change or difference in the operating system of the phone. Updates to the mobile application are provided from time to time to improve the user experience on the app.

What is an upgrade?

Upgrade General Generally it is of the operating system of the mobile phone. For example, think of it like this, if you currently have Android 10 OS on your smartphone, then when you upgrade the mobile phone, you will switch to Android 11. That is, you will get a new operating system in which the entire interface will change or get better. On the other hand, if you do this in the computer, then on upgrading the window, a new window will appear and the entire system will change. Those who run new windows at this time will be able to understand it better.  

The difference is

-Application update where in sometime. Whereas, upgrading is a long process. You must have noticed that when you update an app, it is done in a few minutes, while windows upgrade can sometimes take hours.

-The update does not matter whether it is a mobile phone or a laptop While system upgrade changes the entire interface of the mobile phone or laptop.

-Update is limited to the application whereas upgrade is related to the entire system of the computer or mobile phone. In upgrade, many things like look, design, features, etc. change for the whole system.

-When you update an app, you do not have to put much effort in it whereas when you upgrade the system or mobile phone. If you do, you have to redo many settings.

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