Unblock WhatsApp Account: How to get back a blocked WhatsApp account

Steps to Unblock WhatsApp Account: Every year WhatsApp blocks or bans several thousand accounts. Now, it looks like WhatsApp is going to give its users a second chance to use the app. WhatsApp has launched a new feature which can be very useful for those users whose account has been banned or blocked. Users will now be able to unblock their WhatsApp account.

WhatsApp’s new feature 

Blocked account will be recovered 

According to the report of WABetaInfo, users are going to get an option on the WhatsApp app itself, so that they will be able to get their blocked account back. Users will be given an option on the app so that they will be able to talk to WhatsApp Support and request a review.  After submitting the request, WhatsApp Support will review the user’s account and check whether any illegal activity is taking place on the user’s account as per the terms and conditions of the app.

After the review is submitted, if the app is found to be correct then your account will be returned to you. This feature will also be released for iOS beta in the coming weeks. Apart from this, even without this feature, you can mail a request to WhatsApp Support to get your account back.

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